Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hem Gems - Temporary Tailor

Hem Gems, an easy and fast way to temporarily shorten your jeans!!

Most jeans are 1-2 inches too long for me. I only can wear them with high heels or platformed shoes.
There are times when I want to wear flats, but I hate folding the bottom hems up, look tacky.

Then, I found this product online, from You can buy them on too.
With these "gems", I can shorten the jeans temporarily so that I can wear them with flats.
I could have done it cheaper way with safety pins, but they were kinda hard to put on. I don't have the patience. 

Before vs After

There are 5 kinds of "gems" to choose from. One box costs $19.99, you'll get 8 "gems".
I bought the silver star one. I was split between the black classic rivet and the star. The black ones are more versatile, they can blend in with the jeans better, but I have a thing with stars.  

They stay put until you take them off yourself. They don't damage the jeans at all. I love them! :)

Update (Mar 23, 2012):

I bought another set from! I bought it there instead of straight from the HemGems site because the total after shipping fee is 5 cents cheaper. LOL :-P
Shipping is fast, just 3-4 days, via First Class Mail.

If you want a more discreet style, definitely get the "Classic Rivets", the button size is slightly smaller than the star one.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sam Edelman Pierce Boots

My first (possibly last), over-the-knee boots! I purchased these babies on Amazon site last month. They are on sale for around $177.xx. My limit is $150, so I had been stalking the page for a couple of weeks before I purchased them, waiting for the price to go down.
Luckily, there's a time Amazon offered 25% off shoes PLUS $10 off of $50 discount if used a Master Card. So I was able to get them for pretty good price. 

Sam Edelman Women's Pierce Boot - $134.xx shipped 

I was split between Whiskey (chestnut brown) and olive. I ended up with olive since I like green olive color. So far I have worn them 3 times. The weather here is pretty bad, always raining. I don't want to wear them in the rain, afraid the rain water will damage them. 

The quality of the boots is very nice. The material doesn't feel cheap at all (eg: plastic and shiny). The shaft is pretty narrow. These boots are design for skinny/straight calves. Luckily my calves are skinny enough for these boots. My calves circumference is 14.5 inches.