Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September'11 - Week 3

I didn't shop much last week, just one thing. I was occupied with some personal issues, and also hubby and I will go on a vacation in November, must save up for that! Anyway, I'm almost out of MAC Fix+, so I was thinking to try a different brand of a makeup setting spray, to see if there's something better out there. So I found this product on Amazon website. The customer reviews are okay, the good and the bad ones are pretty even. So I took the risk and bought one with an Amazon gift card, so it's technically free! 

Makeup in a Bottle Makeup Setting Spray - $11.34

So, I used it once, and now it's just collecting dust under the bathroom sink. It is REALLY that bad. The sprayer sucks. I had to press it really hard to make it work, sometimes it sprayed too much, sometimes it just wet my hand.
When the liquid touched my skin, it stung! It only lasted a few seconds, but it shouldn't have stung.
The smell, it stinks. It has very strong perfume smell. The smell lingered for hours.
In the afternoon, my face felt slightly tight and dry instead of oily. I usually use a couple of oil blotting sheets. So it does have good oil control. BUT, when I checked out my face really closely, the whole surface of my face had dry crusts! Eww !! It made me think this setting spray has the same ingredients as hairsprays does!

I want to return, but shipping is like $3-4. So I don't know. Glad it's cheap though.


  1. aww boo i hate buying products that don't work. makes me want to get my money back ! >=O

  2. If you are looking for a new make up setting spray, the Urban Decay ones are fantastic!

  3. @adthenshesmiled yeah i have that one, but in travel size. The full size is pricey >_<
    O well. I will use that UD one I have for now. Thanks!