Friday, April 15, 2011

April'11 - Week 3

I bought a pair of flats two weeks ago, but I had no socks.
Flat socks generally aren't low cut enough, the fabric is always peeking out of the flats. One of the reasons I rarely wear flats. I don't like wearing them without socks on, sweaty feet are gross.

Last week, I finally found the winner !!

HUE Cool Contour Low Cut Foot Liner - $11.13 shipped for 3 pairs

Other style vs HUE Low Cut Foot Cool Liner

The edge of the sock is neatly hidden! Beside the low cut feature, the back part has silicon so the socks will stay up.

I found them on BareNecessities website. I purchased 2 pairs of cream color and 1 pair of black color. The black one is backordered for 3 weeks. They are 3 for $16, but I luckily found a discount code and the website at the time offered free shipping.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

As I mentioned in last week entry, I went to Old Navy store to try on a dress. I bought it online because the dress's not on sale in-store.

Such a comfy maxi dress! I love the U-neck style. Maxi dresses in general have deep V-neck which shows off too much of my cleavage. The smocked waistband flatters the waist. The straps are wide enough to accommodate bra straps.

Lace-Trim Jersey Maxi Dress - $20

This Saturday, I went to the store to return a dress. I bought the dress above in 2 sizes, just in case the other size fit better.

The store was also having a one-day sale of the $19-$24 cropped knit cardigans for $8. I was planning to just buy a white one,.... but I ended up buying more than just a white cardigan. I bought another cardigan in different color and some lace-trim camis in variety of colors for $6.25 each (Orig. $12.50 each). I love how these camis don't have that annoying built-in shelf bra.

Cropped Knit Cardigan - $8 each

Lace-trim Cami - $6.25 each

FYI, if you're planning to buy more than $50 worth of stuff at Old Navy store, don't forget to print a $10 off of $50 coupon. You can get the coupon on OldNavy site by subscribing to their emails.

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