Saturday, March 26, 2011

March'11 - Week 4

I bought a quilted handbag !!!

There's a story behind it! LOL
A couple of weeks ago, hubby and I had dinner w/ my sister, her husband, and their friends. There was one woman carried a quilted handbag, I thought it looked familiar, it looked like the one I saw on ASOS site.
I wasn't into quilted bags before. Not my style. But then, I thought it actually looked pretty cute. So, I bought myself one with the ASOS 20% off code.

ASOS Quilted Lock Across Body Bag - $21.59 shipped

I like it! It has a twist-lock closure. It's sturdy/not flimsy. The man-made leather quality is pretty good. It's roomy and it has a zipper compartment in the inside. The chain strap is a bit heavy, it's a good thing, that means it's not made of cheap plastic. Good price too!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Today, at Costco, I was supposed to be only buying some food for dinner with the in-laws, but I also ended up buying a couple of tops for myself. Heheh..

When I was on my way to the cashiers, my eyes caught this white-gray striped knit cardigan. Other color is black-gray. Very comfy. I luv it! I wish I could buy both. LOL

DKNYC Open Cardigan - $19.99

Then, I stopped again when I saw a bunch of tummy toning camis. The cami has a hidden panel around the mid-section area. It smooths out unwanted fat bulges, so it makes your midsection look more toned and your hourglass-shape is more noticeable. I love it !!! I want to get moreeee !!!! I wish it's a bit cheaper though, like under $10.

There are 3 different types: ribbed cotton, tailored (smooth cotton), and lace-trimmed. I really want the lace-trimmed in black. Maybe next time, when I go to Costco again.

Tummy Toning Cami - $15.99

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