Saturday, February 5, 2011

February'11 - Week 1

Yay FitFlops!!

I saw these boots the first time in October 2010, they were love at first sight! Too bad they are so pricey.
Finally, FitFlop boots are on sale. I almost bought them on, but then after googling more, I found these on sale for cheaper on I was split between grey and black. I chose black since the color is more universal.
I also used $25 worth of Amazon giftcard that I got from Swagbucks.

I love swagbucks! I've earned more $300 worth of gift cards since January 2010. Read more here, "Easy way to get $5 Amazon e-gift card, etc. (=SWAGBUCKS)"

FitFlop Tall Superboot - $50.07 (Orig. $175)

I own a pair of their classic FitFlop sandals (Blog) and shoes FitFlop Billow (Blog), that I bought in July 2009. They are very comfortable and durable. I wear the Billow almost everyday, except in the summer, and they still haven't worn out yet.

The boots, I bought my regular FitFlop size 5. I generally wear size 6.
If you have narrow feet, you should go down a whole size, but if you have non-skinny calves and/or wide feet, you might want to order your regular size.
My calf circumference is 14 inches, as you can see, almost no space left when I wear them with jeans. I can get into them easier when I wear jeggings or leggings.
The boots at first were very hard to put on, very snug. I even thought I bought the wrong size. They fit much better after I wore and walked around the house. They are now as comfortable as my other FitFlop shoes.

Soon, I'm going to get the short version, in brown!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I "adopted" some VS Pink puppies from eBay. LOL
I didn't have the time to go to the store to get the graffiti ones. When I finally had the time, they were sold out. Each costs around $7, not that bad of a deal. I also got the sailor edition from 1996 for around $6.50.

I must say, the older version of the doll is slightly bigger and fatter.


  1. I love those boots. I want to get a pair as well but some reviews say that it's hard to get pants into the boot because there's no zipper. Do you think it's a big enough problem?

  2. Yeah, kinda difficult on someone who doesn't have skinny calves. I can get into them pretty easy when I wear the super skinny jeans or jegging or leggings though.

  3. The boots are on sale today on Amazon. They are having a 70% shoe sale today (President's day)

  4. I knooowwww. I should have waited to get the tall one :(
    I got the short ones for $22 though !!