Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Get multiple deluxe freebies @ Beauty.com

A couple of Soompi members found a way to get more than 1 deluxe freebie from Beauty.com.
All you have to do is order an item from the website (no minimum purchase) and click the freebies links.

1. Go to eBates and click their Beauty.com link to get 6% cashback, or from any cashback site of your choice.
2. Copy+paste this link into that same window, to add Napoleon Perdis lip palette to the shopping cart later after you do Step 3.
3. Add an item into your shopping cart. I bought a $3.50 hand creme, since it's the cheapest and useful item for me. It got good reviews btw.
4. The Napoloen Perdis lip palette should show up on your cart now.
5. Copy+Paste this link to add the Laura Geller mini blush to your shopping cart.
6. Copy+Paste this link to add Jack Black lip balm to your shopping cart.
7. Before you pay, don't forget to pick 3 free samples with every order!

I placed my order this morning.
My order hasn't been shipped yet, but it's worth to try ASAP, before these deluxe freebies are out of stock!

Update (9/8/10): My whole order is shipped today ! ☺


  1. Thank you Susan! Made my order and ordered the Stila Trendsetting in Tokyo eyeshadow palette. :D

  2. thank you bunny!! I can't seem to add laura geller freebie though. it keep saying the link is incorrect. ;((