Saturday, August 7, 2010

Private Designer Sale e-Shopping (Preview)

I bought a bunch of dresses from the private designer sale sites this week.
I'm addicted to them. LOL I love how these sites offer such good deals on these expensive brands!

Shipping fee is range from $7.95 to $15, but it's still a good deal.

You have to be invited to access these websites. If you want to be a member, just sign up through the banners on the left side. ☺

I purchased this maxi dress from Beyond the Rack. It's the first time i'm ordering there. I hope this site is as reliable as Ruelala and Hautelook.

This dress is from Hautelook. This is the third time I ordered from this reliable site. I love the blowout sale events!! The clothes are on sale for 75-85% off. It happens every Saturday morning at 8 am PST. The only reason I wake up early on Saturdays! LOL Sometimes the sale happens on the weekdays too. Shipping takes about 2 weeks, ship from CA, via UPS.

This dress is from ideeli. I actually ordered this on Tuesday last week.
The site promises that they will ship it in 3 weeks. Gosh! That takes awhile!! They haven't charged my credit card yet, so we'll see.
This is the first time I ordered from them. I'm worried about not getting this dress. I googled, this site got SO many bad reviews. Many people didn't get their orders, ideeli didn't tell them that their items were actually sold out. Some said they got the wrong items. Customer service sucks too, takes awhile to respond, or even no respond at all.

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