Saturday, August 28, 2010

Private Designer Sale e-Shopping (Follow-Up)

I posted in the beginning of August about the dresses that I bought from the private designer sale sites (link).

I ordered from Hautelook, ideeli, and Beyond The Rack.
Hautelook and BTR within the same week. The ideeli one a week before.
Well, I received 2 out 3 of my orders last week, when I was on vacation.

First one is from Hautelook that I bought when they were having their Saturday blowout sale. It happens every week.
It says on the website that it will be shipped in 10-14 days.
Unexpectedly, they shipped it just 3 days later! It depends on the supplier though. A couple of times it took them 2 weeks to ship my order.

shirtdress - $27.45 shipped

Luckily,the dress is true to size, it fits comfortably. Same length as modeled. It's kinda too short for me, I was hoping the dress would be about knee-length, because the model in the picture is 5'9" tall and I'm only 5'5". I guess it looks fine that way. The dress quality is very nice. The dress is semi-sheer. My underwear is not that visible, but I will wear spandex shorts underneath.

The second one is from ideeli.
I ordered on the 7/27. The site promised to ship it between 8/12-18. They shipped my dress on 8/11. So even though it took ages, the site is reliable. It depends on the supplier though, some people said their ordered was shipped just a few days later.

My Tribe - $39 shipped

I'm happy the dress fits! It's true to size. I ordered my usual women clothing size. The dress quality is very nice and soft! It feels SO nice against my skin. The pricier clothes do feel different LOL.

Now my third dress from Beyond the Rack. I ordered it on 8/4, and it hasn't even arrived at BTR shipping warehouse. Last week BTR emailed me to tell me that the supplier would send the orders soon. So it's not really BTR's fault for this long shipping process. BTR has been great, they emailed me the progress once a week, and they answered my email on the same day. So, I still can wait patiently. I just hope it will arrive before summer is really over.

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