Saturday, July 24, 2010

Remington 3-in-1 = Sexy Beachy Wavy Hair

A few days ago, I was wondering about how to create wavy hair without a curling iron or a flat iron. I don't want to braid my hair. It's so uncomfortable sleeping with those braids on my head.

I usually wash and blow dry my hair at night, and then in the morning I use the flat iron to make my hair wavy. So it's double the work and double the damage to my hair.

After googling around, I found this hairdryer called
Remington Ceramic Airwave Hair Dryer (Amazon). This hair dryer allows you to dry your hair and create beachy wavy hair simultaneously. It's very easy to use. You just grab a section of your hair, and then you stick the hair into the tunnel-like attachment, and your hair will instantly twirl around, just like the picture below.

The heat not only helps set the style, but dries your hair as well, making this one of the most useful multi-taskers in hair styling history!!

Unfortunately, this specific hairdryer is sold out/discontinued though.

Luckily, Remington has produced a new version of the hair dryer, that's called Remington 3-in-1 Styler.
Bbeside the "beachwaver" attachment, it also comes with the standard volumizer and concentrator attachments.
You can buy this hair dryer at Target store or website for $26.49.

You should check out this From Head to Toe blog. It's where I found more info about the hairdryer and decided to buy it.

  • Includes a volumizer, a beachwaver and a concentrator
  • 1875 watts with ionic conditioning and 3 heat and 2 speed settings
  • 3 Heat Settings, 2 Speeds, Ionic

The waves hold pretty well. Two days later, my hair is still wavy.
The only hair product I use is BioSilk leave-in conditioner, that I apply before I use the hair dryer.

Conclusion, this hair dryer is worth to buy !! I love it. It gives a little oomph to my boring straight hair. ☺


  1. ooooh i want that thing! now now! haha wish i could get it the philippines though..ugh

  2. hi! so i was googling for a snake bracelet and landed on your site because you posted a blog on one from zipia. i really love the one you have and was wondering if you got to order it from zipia?! for us delivery, it needed a $300 minimum purchase T_T.

    it'll be great if you can let me know how you did it: my email is! thanks!

    ps. love your blog!

  3. OMG thank you! I've been looking everywhere for the Remington Air Wave Dryer. EVERYWHERE. You're blog came up in a Google search and it helped point me in the right direction!

  4. Thanks so much I've been looking for something like this too!
    I love your hair:)