Saturday, July 10, 2010

Health & Beauty 2

Got myself some flats socks and short shorts for yoga last weekend at Ross.

The flats socks sucks, HUE brand is better.

Flat socks - $3.99 and $4.99

Yoga hot shorts - $7.99


Last week, had 30% Bing Cashback! I bought a Clorox ToiletWand+Refills and some health & beauty-related items. I also got 3 samples from their partner site,
I should be getting $18.xx cashback in less than 2 months!

Surgi-Cream Hair Remover - $4.99

I got this facial removal hair cream because of the good reviews. Too bad, my skin doesn't like this cream. I tried it last night. It didn't remove my upper lip hair at all, and it made my skin red and burning for hourrsssss. I still have red mustache now. Thank goodness it's weekend.

Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose - $10

While browsing for a lip tint, I came across this Korres lip butter on their partner site, After googling reviews and swatches, I decided to get one.
The color is very dark red. It looks scary/intimidating, but it looks pretty on the lips. It doesn't moisturize my lips as good as Nivea lip balm though.

I suck in giving detailed review, so check out this blog. I decided to buy this shade because of that blog.

Maybelline Eyeshadows in Natural Smokes - $5.49 (free)

I purchased Maybelline Quad eyeshadows in Natural Smokes. The colors are pretty, I love the shimmered ones ... buttttttt the packaging is damaged/defective!

The seal was already broken when I got it, the lid was wide open and the applicators were all over the place. The outside part of the clear lid's full of scratches too!

I emailed the customer service last night, and I've got my refund this morning. Nice customer service!

Yay free eyeshadows? LOL


I'm loving the Earth flats I got a few weeks ago (blog). They help toning my legs better than FitFlops.

I love the red flats I got last time, but the color is not that versatile. I should have gotten the shoes in black or brown. Soooo I bought these on I should be getting $6 cashback from Bing in less than 2 months too.

Earth "Aspire" - $44.98 shipped

Likas Papaya Soap - $4.24 shipped

I got this on eBay for very cheap, because I used my eBay Bucks. I have this dark spot on my temple, about as big as one penny. I don't know if it's a birth mark or a sun spot, I have it for years. I desperately want to get rid of it, also the freckles too. This whitening soap seems to be very effective for many people. So I'm trying it out now. I used it last night, no redness/break outs yet.

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  1. Hi! Likas Papaya is a brand here in the Philippines and yes it can whiten skin. Since it's a whitening soap I hope break outs won't happen. It's around $2 here.