Saturday, July 31, 2010

Only 2 things...

So, this week I only bought these two things.

Forever 21 had a free shipping deal. Not found anything I wanted to get. But, I needed a belt to wear w/ my unflattering one-piece summer dress.

Forever 21 belt - $4.50
(2) Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick in Peach Silk - $10.98

I also bought a couple of lipstick for my mom on eBay. She loves this coral-ish shade. Revlon doesn't sell this shade back in home country.
I'm going to give them to her later in mid-August. My parents are visiting for my sister's wedding. I'm such a good daughter here. Hohhohohoh

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Remington 3-in-1 = Sexy Beachy Wavy Hair

A few days ago, I was wondering about how to create wavy hair without a curling iron or a flat iron. I don't want to braid my hair. It's so uncomfortable sleeping with those braids on my head.

I usually wash and blow dry my hair at night, and then in the morning I use the flat iron to make my hair wavy. So it's double the work and double the damage to my hair.

After googling around, I found this hairdryer called
Remington Ceramic Airwave Hair Dryer (Amazon). This hair dryer allows you to dry your hair and create beachy wavy hair simultaneously. It's very easy to use. You just grab a section of your hair, and then you stick the hair into the tunnel-like attachment, and your hair will instantly twirl around, just like the picture below.

The heat not only helps set the style, but dries your hair as well, making this one of the most useful multi-taskers in hair styling history!!

Unfortunately, this specific hairdryer is sold out/discontinued though.

Luckily, Remington has produced a new version of the hair dryer, that's called Remington 3-in-1 Styler.
Bbeside the "beachwaver" attachment, it also comes with the standard volumizer and concentrator attachments.
You can buy this hair dryer at Target store or website for $26.49.

You should check out this From Head to Toe blog. It's where I found more info about the hairdryer and decided to buy it.

  • Includes a volumizer, a beachwaver and a concentrator
  • 1875 watts with ionic conditioning and 3 heat and 2 speed settings
  • 3 Heat Settings, 2 Speeds, Ionic

The waves hold pretty well. Two days later, my hair is still wavy.
The only hair product I use is BioSilk leave-in conditioner, that I apply before I use the hair dryer.

Conclusion, this hair dryer is worth to buy !! I love it. It gives a little oomph to my boring straight hair. ☺

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Splurge Again...

My sandals arrived 2 days after I'd placed the order at the store! Amazing!

I didn't know Carlos Santana, the singer, designed sandals. LOL
I checked out his other shoes, they look pretty nice!
These sandals are soooo comfy!

Carlos Santana "Mojito" - $19.99 (Orig. $79.99)


AE Drapped Vest - $6.69

AE Ribbon Embellishment Tee - $6.69

Ordered these AE tops last week, they had 30% off of clearance items + 20% off code + free shipping!! I couldn't resist that!! They are so dirt cheap!!

The white babydoll top is so soft and the quality is pretty nice. Love the sequin embellishments. It's pretty long, the hem reaches my thighs halfway.
The vest looks great w/ tank tops and wife beaters!


I was bored at home, and suddenly had the mood to search for a cute dress on I fell in love with this dress, but I was afraid it looked too childish for me. I asked for an opinion on Soompi, and then my friend, my sister and my hubby. I got positive feedbacks from them. So I decided to get it.

Kaktus Sportswear Crinkle Dress - $29.xx shipped (Orig. $72)

I love this dress!!

It's made of crinkled cotton, the color is beige-ish white.
I like how it doesn't have busy flowery pattern, like majority of summer dresses out there. Don't like them, too busy and girlie. About 99% of my dresses are plain. Also, I like how this dress minimizes the size of my boobs, since they catch too much attention.

Now the sucky part.
When I was about to post a review about the dress on the site, I found out the dress price dropped $5.80!
I contacted the customer service via their live chat. They gave me $5.80 store credit. I'd rather get a refund, .....but, it's better than nothing I guess.


Yeah... another cardigan.. i'm a cardigan addict!!
Ordered this open cardigan with the $10 off code found on retailmenot, the code is 10off.
The fabric is t-shirt thin. The sleeve opening is narrow, not meant for women with fat or built arms.

Stevie Wrap in Bordeaux Sweaters By Alternative Apparel - $11.90


Around early July, ASOS offered international free shipping. Not in the mood to buy clothes, so I looked around the accessories area.... and I got this bag! They have one in brown that I really like, but it's not on sale. But, the black one is good too, it's a versatile color.

ASOS Dark Buckle Shoulder Bag - $23.xx shipped (Orig. $43.xx)

The synthetic leather quality is like Forever 21 quality. So it's not worth the retail price.
I like the buckles and the multiple pockets, and it can be worn two ways.

The only thing that I'm disappointed about this bag is the long strap is NOT adjustable. The bag falls too low! The person who made this bag didn't think about the shorter people :(
I guess I can shorten the strap by tying it in knots.


Last week, MAC site offered free shipping and there's a coupon code for a sample of Zoom Lash mascara. So, I bought a brush cleanser since I'm almost out.
The Zoom Lash mascara is pretty nice. It lengthens and thickens. It doesn't smudge too, but probably because I apply a mascara primer first.

MAC Brush cleanser - $11.00
+ Zoom Lash Mascara sample


I bought these pants from Ruelala site, they have been having blowout sale every Sunday at 5 pm PST. I bought a similar pair of pants not long ago (Blog), and I love them! They are comfortable, unique, and I got compliments from people at work too.

XCVI "Terraced" Light Tan Wide Leg Pant - $25 (Orig. $85)

I love these pants too, because they look different from other khakis. They have pockets too. But, somehow these pants are much longer than my other ones. I wore almost 4 inches heels when I took this picture. So I have to pull the pants higher so that they don't drag the floor.


Victoria's Secret is offering the PINK dogs with any PINK purchase again. I love love the patterns!!

Too bad the cheapest item in the store is the $6 perfume, which I don't like. The second choice is their $7.50 Pink cotton panty, but, I don't want to spend that much on a panty.

So I only picked the yellow leopard one, since it's my favorite pattern of all. The black panty is free, because I had a coupon.

Pink panty - $7.50
PINK dog + black panty - Free


My original plan was just to get my PINK dog and go home, since I already shopped too much this month... But, I saw so many people carrying Nordstrom Sale shopping bags, so I got tempted and checked it out.

I noticed many cool boots were on sale. I was attracted to these brown boots by Jessica Simpson, because of the low heels. Low heels means I can wear them for much longer. My feet always hurt after 2 hours of walking in high heels. Very nice quality man made leather. Look good with jeans or skirts. Also, the shaft is pretty tall, it reaches right below my knee bump. Hard to find affordable tall shaft boots nowadays.

Jessica Simpson Capry - $99.90 (Orig. $158.95)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Famous Footwear $10 off Coupon

Two days only! Expires on Monday!!

Just came back from the FamousFootwear store.

I purchased these Carlos Montana "Mojito" sandals, for $19.99 (Orig. $79.99. Sale $29.99). I'd been looking for a pair of comfy white sandals.

Unfortunately, the store doesn't have these sandals in my size. So they ordered them for me from the online store. Shipping is free. I will get them in a week.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Health & Beauty 2

Got myself some flats socks and short shorts for yoga last weekend at Ross.

The flats socks sucks, HUE brand is better.

Flat socks - $3.99 and $4.99

Yoga hot shorts - $7.99


Last week, had 30% Bing Cashback! I bought a Clorox ToiletWand+Refills and some health & beauty-related items. I also got 3 samples from their partner site,
I should be getting $18.xx cashback in less than 2 months!

Surgi-Cream Hair Remover - $4.99

I got this facial removal hair cream because of the good reviews. Too bad, my skin doesn't like this cream. I tried it last night. It didn't remove my upper lip hair at all, and it made my skin red and burning for hourrsssss. I still have red mustache now. Thank goodness it's weekend.

Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose - $10

While browsing for a lip tint, I came across this Korres lip butter on their partner site, After googling reviews and swatches, I decided to get one.
The color is very dark red. It looks scary/intimidating, but it looks pretty on the lips. It doesn't moisturize my lips as good as Nivea lip balm though.

I suck in giving detailed review, so check out this blog. I decided to buy this shade because of that blog.

Maybelline Eyeshadows in Natural Smokes - $5.49 (free)

I purchased Maybelline Quad eyeshadows in Natural Smokes. The colors are pretty, I love the shimmered ones ... buttttttt the packaging is damaged/defective!

The seal was already broken when I got it, the lid was wide open and the applicators were all over the place. The outside part of the clear lid's full of scratches too!

I emailed the customer service last night, and I've got my refund this morning. Nice customer service!

Yay free eyeshadows? LOL


I'm loving the Earth flats I got a few weeks ago (blog). They help toning my legs better than FitFlops.

I love the red flats I got last time, but the color is not that versatile. I should have gotten the shoes in black or brown. Soooo I bought these on I should be getting $6 cashback from Bing in less than 2 months too.

Earth "Aspire" - $44.98 shipped

Likas Papaya Soap - $4.24 shipped

I got this on eBay for very cheap, because I used my eBay Bucks. I have this dark spot on my temple, about as big as one penny. I don't know if it's a birth mark or a sun spot, I have it for years. I desperately want to get rid of it, also the freckles too. This whitening soap seems to be very effective for many people. So I'm trying it out now. I used it last night, no redness/break outs yet.