Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jackets & Open Cardigans Galore

Last week, I bought these jackets with the $10 Birthday card and a free shipping (when purchase $50+ worth of items) coupon.

Double-breasted jacket in washed twill (Orig. $69.50) - $19.99

This twill jacket is great. Nice quality thick cotton. Perfect for spring and fall seasons. The jacket can be buttoned two different ways.

Convertible slub canvas jacket (Orig. $68) - $29.99

This jacket will be a great addition to my spring/fall jacket collections. It's made of thick cotton canvas. I love how it can be converted to a vest. It suits for the unstable Oregon weather.

I had to make at least $50 worth of purchase so that I could use the free shipping coupon. The total for the jackets was $49.98 (So close!). So I bought this panty as a filler. So glad I bought this instead of the VS Cotton one. Soft, pretty color and flower design. ☺

Second Skin Satin® bikini - $3.99

Final total ($10 off + free s/h): $43.97 shipped


I purchased this on MJRSales site. They had free shipping deal.
They sell many VS clothes for very cheap price because they are customer returns, but they are still in excellent condition/look brand new.

I already have the same cami in different color. I bought it last year and I love it. So I'm buying another one.
Victoria's Secret sells this cami + shorts for $20. I'm fine not getting the shorts. I only want the cami.

Eyelet Pajama Top - $5.20


So, I ended up returning the dolman blouse I bought 2 weeks ago (blog). I realized the blouse was not my style. LOL

Then, I used the store credit to buy these clothes online.
Exchanged 1 top with 3 tops, pretty good exchange I must say! ☺

I love this top because the fabric is thick/not sheer and form fitting, just like the modeled picture.

Basic Top - $3.50

More open cardigans! I love the cascading style of these cardigans. ☺
Pretty good quality and soft. The cotton is thick enough for spring and fall seasons.

Cascade Cardigan - $10.99

Wrap Cardigan - $9.99


I was planning to go to the outlet mall, but not in the mood to drive far today. The outlet mall is 45 mins away. So I went to Ross instead, and got myself another open cardigan.

I like buying open cardigans. It makes a casual outfit looks dressier. ☺
In the summer, I wear a cardigan over my tank top to work, so that I look appropriate. When I go to lunch, I just take the cardigan off.

I love the ruffles and the knit design on the back!
I found this cardigan in the women section. The selections there are better than the junior section and the quality of the clothes are better too.
I found SO MANY open cardigans there. I almost bought 3. LOL ^_^"


If you want to buy Chi products for cheaper than the retail price, get them at Ross. I found a bunch of hairsprays and hair protectant sprays at the beauty section.

I bought the volumizing product. It got pretty good reviews on Amazon and retailmenot sites.
I've tried this product once. It makes my hair light and bouncy, and it makes my hair shiny too. Good buy!

Chi Volume Booster - $7.99

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