Friday, June 18, 2010

Health & Fashion

I'm out of ideas for a title....

I saw this deal on Slickdeals last week. Luckily I didn't delay ordering these items, because the freebies were out of stock within short amount of time.

More junk to put in my already-full-handbag.

Bliss Problem Salved 20 in 1 - $9 shipped
(2) Naked Body Butters - Free

~ bliss problem salved ~
"Whether you use it for soothing an insect bite or taming unruly eyebrows, Bliss's 20-in-1 Wonder Balm works all kinds of wonders."
-Maureen Choi, Bridal Guide

in a single swipe, problem salved can:
• soothe sunburn and windburn
• soothe just-waxed skin
• soothe stressed post-treatment skin
• soothe stinging and itching from insect bites
• moisturize chapped heels, elbows, knees
• moisturize chapped noses
• prevent runner's chafing
• prevent shoe blisters
• nourish cuticles
• tame hair flyaways
• groom eyebrows
• fix make-up mistakes


Then, another deal I found on Slickdeals, 25% off of clearance on I really have to stay away from that forum. LOL

I bought a top with lots of ruffles details. The fabric, just like the name, it does feel like wearing a top made of tissue.

The ruffles make me look top heavy, but it's okay! ☺
I'm planning to wear it with an open cardigan, it will tone it down.

Jcrew Tissue Flatter Tank - $25.94 shipped


I purchased 2 pairs of shoes from my favorite online shoe store,

I purchased these gladiator style sandals. The sandals come with nice velvet-ish dust bag.

I love Born! The Born clogs that I bought at Macy's awhile ago have become one of my favorite daily shoes.
Glad these gladiators are true to size! Adjustable straps, unique design, comfortable leather padded footbed. Love them!

Born (Cornel) - $38.25 + s/h

The next day, I checked out the site again (Bad!).They were selling shoes brand "Earth." Just like Skechers "Shape Ups" and FitFlops, these shoes help you burn calories when you're walking in them.

But, compared to those 2 brands, due to the design, you can feel you're working out your leg muscles. They look better than Skechers too. Not chunky and more feminine.

The flats come with two dust bags (one for each shoe), made from recycled materials.

Earth (Proper) - $32.70 + s/h

I ordered my regular size. The left one is a little bit loose. My left foot is slightly smaller than my right! :-(
After I put on flat socks, they both fit better.

These shoes have ergonomic footbed. They have a unique design that positions your toes higher than your heels. A slight incline of 3.7ยบ is complemented by support through the arch, which positions the body to trigger an array of benefits for the whole body.

When I tried the shoes on for the first time and I looked at myself in the mirror sideways, my body noticeably was leaning back.
I've worn them once to work. It kinda feels awkward walking in them. They give the sensation of walking up hill. I have to use my calf and hamstring muscles, and adjust my body position to walk comfortably.
I think it's going to take awhile to get used to walking in these flats.

More detailed info about Earth Footwear and tips of how to wear them.


  1. I'm stoked that you wrote about the earth shoes. I've been a loyal user of the fitflop (because they're so darn comfy!), but have stopped experiencing any "toning" effects because I seriously wear them all the time. I think I'm gonna look into these shoes.


  2. Hi Lisa! Yeah, I don't feel the "toning" effect of my Flip Flop too. I really like these EARTH flata. It took me 3 days to get used to them/not walking awkwardly. I've been wearing them for a week, every step, I can feel I'm working out my calves and hamstring muscles. I wish I bought them in brown/black. It's hard to find clothes that match with the red flats I bought >_<