Monday, June 7, 2010

Out-of-State Shopping

I took the friday off last week and took the Amtrak train to WA, to attend my sister's bridal shower on Saturday. It was fun! The Fondue for Two set was a hit. heheh... ☺

The rest of the time, we spent our time together at the mall (of course).

First, we went to Victoria's Secret. I had a $10 Angel Reward and a $10 Birthday coupons to redeem.

VS Pink sweatpants - $3.27


I dropped by Sephora to pick up my birthday freebies.

Sephora Eyeshadow in Aspen Summit N23
Sephora Lash Plumper
Sephora Nano Eye Liner in Silver Green

I took a picture of it with my hand for size comparison.
Check out this blog if you want detailed info about the birthday gift.


Then, we went to Forever 21, and got a dolman blouse. It's not really my style, but I like the dolman sleeves, they are flowy. Also the lace trimming is pretty too.
It's the most expensive Forever 21 item I've ever bought. I hope I'll never regret buying this!!

$24.80 + tax


We then visited H&M.
Every time I visit WA, I always want to checkout that store, since the store is similar to ASOS. I bought an open cardigan sweater. It's very soft! I love it!
Thank goodness they will open one in my state this fall! I want to get fall/winter clothes. They always have nice coats/jackets.



My friend who lives in WA told me that I had to visit Gilly Hicks. It's a store by the same company who owns A&F and Hollister.
My gosh, that inside the store was so dark, darker than Hollister! I literally needed a flashlight!
It was SO hard searching clothes, since there's only one puny spotlight on top of each shelf. So I ended up living a big mess for the sales associates. LOL

I wanted to buy their hoodies. They were on sale for $25. They are SO soft, good quality, and cheap too. Unfortunately, just like A&F and Hollister, their clothes run small. Too bad they only sell clothes up to size large. The large was kinda too tight around the bust area. If only they carried XL *siiigghhh*

My sister seems to like that store now, because they carry bras that fit her well. They are much cheaper than Victoria's Secret too. They sell 2 bras for $40. There are some style for $14.
She bought 3 bras and 2 tops!

I got myself a top that's on clearance. I LOVE LOVE the bow on the back!!

$11.99 + tax

I love their fitting rooms!


Then, we shopped at Old Navy. I wanted to check out their boho skirts. They are currently on sale for $19 (Orig. $34.50).
Luckily, at the time I had a couple of $5 off coupon with me. My sister and I bought the same skirt with the coupons.

Old Navy skirt - $14


Lastly, we went to Daiso, the $1.50 store!
Too bad, we didn't have time to look around since there's only 20 mins left before store closing.

(2) criss-cross false eyelashes
(2) refillable sprays

Inflatable U-neck pillow

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