Thursday, June 10, 2010

Green and Organics

I found these pants at the clearance section of the AE store. I was going to buy them, but then, thanks to my iPhone, I found out that these pants were $5 cheaper online!

After $25 gift card + 15% off, I got these pants for almost free!
Very comfy linen pants, perfect for summer.

AE Relaxed Pants - $0.46 (Sale $29.95)


After spending $90s on a pair of True Religion jeans, I thought I would never buy pants that cost more than $30 anymore......I was wrong!

I saw these pants when I was browsing the designer sales on Ruelala. I was like, "I must have them!" I love the tiers. I love how they look so comfortable, so unique, and so bohemian, my favorite style. Unfortunately, they were all sold out.

After days of googling, I found a site that has these pants in my size, not on sale though.
They are very expensive, so I asked my hubby if I could buy them. He was shocked at the price, of course. But, in the end, he told me to just buy them. I think it's because he was tired of me talking about the pants for days. LOL

Another (olive) green pants!
Heh, last weekend I bought a skirt in the same color too. I do love this color. hahah...

XCVI Side Tier Palazzo - $96

Two weeks regrets! I ❤ them. So unique!
The elastic waist hides my chubby tummy. Perfect for pigging out. LOL
The material is the same as cargo pants material. The rest of the fabric has stiffness to it to accentuate the cut, but enough softness to be appropriately flow.
I got "only you can pull them off" kind of compliments at work heheh


Bought more Avalon Organics products. I almost finished the cream I bought 2 months ago.
I'm now also trying out the eye cream too.

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Revitalizing Eye Cream - $14.37

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal Facial Cream - $12.26


  1. AE Relaxed Pants - $0.46 (Sale $29.95)
    Holy shit. Teach me your ways.

  2. i really hate to say this but those pants are terrible. your bottom half looks like a giant tree trunk. instead, spend $96 on something that actually flatters your body

  3. @noodles, that's fine if you don't like it. My BFF doesn't like the idea of my buying that pants too. ^_^
    They do look like giant trunks or gypsy skirt if I stand still. I don't know why I like them. They just cool to me :-P

  4. as long as you like it! :-) sorry if my comment came off as rude, didn't mean to.

  5. @noodles, that's okay ^_^ thanks for being honest! Hehehe <3