Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jackets & Open Cardigans Galore

Last week, I bought these jackets with the $10 Birthday card and a free shipping (when purchase $50+ worth of items) coupon.

Double-breasted jacket in washed twill (Orig. $69.50) - $19.99

This twill jacket is great. Nice quality thick cotton. Perfect for spring and fall seasons. The jacket can be buttoned two different ways.

Convertible slub canvas jacket (Orig. $68) - $29.99

This jacket will be a great addition to my spring/fall jacket collections. It's made of thick cotton canvas. I love how it can be converted to a vest. It suits for the unstable Oregon weather.

I had to make at least $50 worth of purchase so that I could use the free shipping coupon. The total for the jackets was $49.98 (So close!). So I bought this panty as a filler. So glad I bought this instead of the VS Cotton one. Soft, pretty color and flower design. ☺

Second Skin Satin® bikini - $3.99

Final total ($10 off + free s/h): $43.97 shipped


I purchased this on MJRSales site. They had free shipping deal.
They sell many VS clothes for very cheap price because they are customer returns, but they are still in excellent condition/look brand new.

I already have the same cami in different color. I bought it last year and I love it. So I'm buying another one.
Victoria's Secret sells this cami + shorts for $20. I'm fine not getting the shorts. I only want the cami.

Eyelet Pajama Top - $5.20


So, I ended up returning the dolman blouse I bought 2 weeks ago (blog). I realized the blouse was not my style. LOL

Then, I used the store credit to buy these clothes online.
Exchanged 1 top with 3 tops, pretty good exchange I must say! ☺

I love this top because the fabric is thick/not sheer and form fitting, just like the modeled picture.

Basic Top - $3.50

More open cardigans! I love the cascading style of these cardigans. ☺
Pretty good quality and soft. The cotton is thick enough for spring and fall seasons.

Cascade Cardigan - $10.99

Wrap Cardigan - $9.99


I was planning to go to the outlet mall, but not in the mood to drive far today. The outlet mall is 45 mins away. So I went to Ross instead, and got myself another open cardigan.

I like buying open cardigans. It makes a casual outfit looks dressier. ☺
In the summer, I wear a cardigan over my tank top to work, so that I look appropriate. When I go to lunch, I just take the cardigan off.

I love the ruffles and the knit design on the back!
I found this cardigan in the women section. The selections there are better than the junior section and the quality of the clothes are better too.
I found SO MANY open cardigans there. I almost bought 3. LOL ^_^"


If you want to buy Chi products for cheaper than the retail price, get them at Ross. I found a bunch of hairsprays and hair protectant sprays at the beauty section.

I bought the volumizing product. It got pretty good reviews on Amazon and retailmenot sites.
I've tried this product once. It makes my hair light and bouncy, and it makes my hair shiny too. Good buy!

Chi Volume Booster - $7.99

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sephora & Outlet Shopping

Purchased an eyeshadow last week on Sephora site last week, just because I wanted the Juicy Couture perfume! LOL

Kat Von D e/s duo in Livewire - $10
(glittering silver taupe/silver gray shimmer)

Tocca Bianca Eau de Parfum Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum
Versace Versense Eau de Toilette
Couture Couture by Juicy Couture Mini Parfum Rollerball

I had to pay $5.95 shipping. Not in the mood to buy $50 worth of stuff just to get free shipping. It's worth it though, the Juicy perfume smells really nice, and the size is decent for a freebie.


Saturday, went to the mall and dropped by Sephora to get the VIB freebie (w/ any purchase).
I used my store credit to get the Lancome mascara primer. I've been using the Clinique Lash Building Primer. Now I want to try a different brand.

I tried the Lancome one a couple of times. I don't see any dramatic difference. It does pretty much the same thing as the Clinique one, same results. So after I've finished this one, I'm going to go back to Clinique, since it's cheaper.

Lancome CILS BOOSTER XL Super-Enhancing Mascara ($22) - $0

VIB freebie - Smashbox palette & Photo Finish primer

I was so surprised about the size! So tiny!
The palette is as big as a business card, and each shade is about Q-tip size.
Yah, it's just a freebie, I shouldn't have had high expectation. LOL

I won't use Photo Finish primer. It gave me break outs in the past.
The cream liners ... hmm.. not my thing. Maybe I'll try them when I'm really bored.


We went to the outlet mall yesterday. I participated in an event that was happening on that day, and I got a bunch of coupons and a $10 gift card.

We first visited the Esprit store. It's just opened a few weeks ago. Everything in store was 40% off. The clearance clothes were $19.99, plus 25% off.

I was almost going to buy a $19.99 open cardigan. While looking for my size, I found this hooded sweatshirt jacket. I decided to get the jacket instead, 'cuz I really liked it, eventhough the price tag was $59.99, it's missing a button too. Unfortunately, it's the only one on the rack.

I asked the cashier if I could get discount because of the missing button.
The cashier said they couldn't give me additional discount and they weren't supposed to sell a defect. But, I decided to just buy it, since I really liked it. The jacket comes with backup buttons anyway.

The cashier rang it up, and it turned out, it's also on sale for $19.99!
I literally said, "Yeeeeeeesss! Scorreee!!" LOL
After the 25% off and $10 gift card = dirt cheap. ;-)

Hooded jacket (Orig. 79.50) - $4.99

Then, hubby and I went to Banana Republic, since I had a 40% off of a single item coupon.

Organic tee - $10

I bought a tee and also a hoodie for hubby.
We used the coupon for his hoodie, since we'd get better deal out of it. The hoodie was already on sale for 60% off, and we were allowed to stack it with the 40% off. heheh..

Men Hoodie ($49.99) - $11.99

Then, we also went to the Coach Outlet store. Like usual, there's a sales associate that's giving away a 20% off coupon to the customers by the entrance. I used it to buy myself a cosmetic bag. It's kinda too small for my cosmetic junks. I guess I'll have to reduce the amount of unnecessary junks that I always carry around.

COACH cosmetic bag (Sale $49.99) - $19.99

Friday, June 18, 2010

Health & Fashion

I'm out of ideas for a title....

I saw this deal on Slickdeals last week. Luckily I didn't delay ordering these items, because the freebies were out of stock within short amount of time.

More junk to put in my already-full-handbag.

Bliss Problem Salved 20 in 1 - $9 shipped
(2) Naked Body Butters - Free

~ bliss problem salved ~
"Whether you use it for soothing an insect bite or taming unruly eyebrows, Bliss's 20-in-1 Wonder Balm works all kinds of wonders."
-Maureen Choi, Bridal Guide

in a single swipe, problem salved can:
• soothe sunburn and windburn
• soothe just-waxed skin
• soothe stressed post-treatment skin
• soothe stinging and itching from insect bites
• moisturize chapped heels, elbows, knees
• moisturize chapped noses
• prevent runner's chafing
• prevent shoe blisters
• nourish cuticles
• tame hair flyaways
• groom eyebrows
• fix make-up mistakes


Then, another deal I found on Slickdeals, 25% off of clearance on I really have to stay away from that forum. LOL

I bought a top with lots of ruffles details. The fabric, just like the name, it does feel like wearing a top made of tissue.

The ruffles make me look top heavy, but it's okay! ☺
I'm planning to wear it with an open cardigan, it will tone it down.

Jcrew Tissue Flatter Tank - $25.94 shipped


I purchased 2 pairs of shoes from my favorite online shoe store,

I purchased these gladiator style sandals. The sandals come with nice velvet-ish dust bag.

I love Born! The Born clogs that I bought at Macy's awhile ago have become one of my favorite daily shoes.
Glad these gladiators are true to size! Adjustable straps, unique design, comfortable leather padded footbed. Love them!

Born (Cornel) - $38.25 + s/h

The next day, I checked out the site again (Bad!).They were selling shoes brand "Earth." Just like Skechers "Shape Ups" and FitFlops, these shoes help you burn calories when you're walking in them.

But, compared to those 2 brands, due to the design, you can feel you're working out your leg muscles. They look better than Skechers too. Not chunky and more feminine.

The flats come with two dust bags (one for each shoe), made from recycled materials.

Earth (Proper) - $32.70 + s/h

I ordered my regular size. The left one is a little bit loose. My left foot is slightly smaller than my right! :-(
After I put on flat socks, they both fit better.

These shoes have ergonomic footbed. They have a unique design that positions your toes higher than your heels. A slight incline of 3.7º is complemented by support through the arch, which positions the body to trigger an array of benefits for the whole body.

When I tried the shoes on for the first time and I looked at myself in the mirror sideways, my body noticeably was leaning back.
I've worn them once to work. It kinda feels awkward walking in them. They give the sensation of walking up hill. I have to use my calf and hamstring muscles, and adjust my body position to walk comfortably.
I think it's going to take awhile to get used to walking in these flats.

More detailed info about Earth Footwear and tips of how to wear them.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Green and Organics

I found these pants at the clearance section of the AE store. I was going to buy them, but then, thanks to my iPhone, I found out that these pants were $5 cheaper online!

After $25 gift card + 15% off, I got these pants for almost free!
Very comfy linen pants, perfect for summer.

AE Relaxed Pants - $0.46 (Sale $29.95)


After spending $90s on a pair of True Religion jeans, I thought I would never buy pants that cost more than $30 anymore......I was wrong!

I saw these pants when I was browsing the designer sales on Ruelala. I was like, "I must have them!" I love the tiers. I love how they look so comfortable, so unique, and so bohemian, my favorite style. Unfortunately, they were all sold out.

After days of googling, I found a site that has these pants in my size, not on sale though.
They are very expensive, so I asked my hubby if I could buy them. He was shocked at the price, of course. But, in the end, he told me to just buy them. I think it's because he was tired of me talking about the pants for days. LOL

Another (olive) green pants!
Heh, last weekend I bought a skirt in the same color too. I do love this color. hahah...

XCVI Side Tier Palazzo - $96

Two weeks regrets! I ❤ them. So unique!
The elastic waist hides my chubby tummy. Perfect for pigging out. LOL
The material is the same as cargo pants material. The rest of the fabric has stiffness to it to accentuate the cut, but enough softness to be appropriately flow.
I got "only you can pull them off" kind of compliments at work heheh


Bought more Avalon Organics products. I almost finished the cream I bought 2 months ago.
I'm now also trying out the eye cream too.

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Revitalizing Eye Cream - $14.37

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal Facial Cream - $12.26

Monday, June 7, 2010

Out-of-State Shopping

I took the friday off last week and took the Amtrak train to WA, to attend my sister's bridal shower on Saturday. It was fun! The Fondue for Two set was a hit. heheh... ☺

The rest of the time, we spent our time together at the mall (of course).

First, we went to Victoria's Secret. I had a $10 Angel Reward and a $10 Birthday coupons to redeem.

VS Pink sweatpants - $3.27


I dropped by Sephora to pick up my birthday freebies.

Sephora Eyeshadow in Aspen Summit N23
Sephora Lash Plumper
Sephora Nano Eye Liner in Silver Green

I took a picture of it with my hand for size comparison.
Check out this blog if you want detailed info about the birthday gift.


Then, we went to Forever 21, and got a dolman blouse. It's not really my style, but I like the dolman sleeves, they are flowy. Also the lace trimming is pretty too.
It's the most expensive Forever 21 item I've ever bought. I hope I'll never regret buying this!!

$24.80 + tax


We then visited H&M.
Every time I visit WA, I always want to checkout that store, since the store is similar to ASOS. I bought an open cardigan sweater. It's very soft! I love it!
Thank goodness they will open one in my state this fall! I want to get fall/winter clothes. They always have nice coats/jackets.



My friend who lives in WA told me that I had to visit Gilly Hicks. It's a store by the same company who owns A&F and Hollister.
My gosh, that inside the store was so dark, darker than Hollister! I literally needed a flashlight!
It was SO hard searching clothes, since there's only one puny spotlight on top of each shelf. So I ended up living a big mess for the sales associates. LOL

I wanted to buy their hoodies. They were on sale for $25. They are SO soft, good quality, and cheap too. Unfortunately, just like A&F and Hollister, their clothes run small. Too bad they only sell clothes up to size large. The large was kinda too tight around the bust area. If only they carried XL *siiigghhh*

My sister seems to like that store now, because they carry bras that fit her well. They are much cheaper than Victoria's Secret too. They sell 2 bras for $40. There are some style for $14.
She bought 3 bras and 2 tops!

I got myself a top that's on clearance. I LOVE LOVE the bow on the back!!

$11.99 + tax

I love their fitting rooms!


Then, we shopped at Old Navy. I wanted to check out their boho skirts. They are currently on sale for $19 (Orig. $34.50).
Luckily, at the time I had a couple of $5 off coupon with me. My sister and I bought the same skirt with the coupons.

Old Navy skirt - $14


Lastly, we went to Daiso, the $1.50 store!
Too bad, we didn't have time to look around since there's only 20 mins left before store closing.

(2) criss-cross false eyelashes
(2) refillable sprays

Inflatable U-neck pillow