Friday, May 28, 2010

More Online Orddeerss...

Last week, DSW had a code for 30% off of one non-sale item.
After browsing around, I decided to use the code to buy a pair of heels to wear with my bridesmaid dress. I only have one pair of dressy heels, since I rarely go to formal events. The heels are too high and not that comfortable for an event that involves hours of standing and walking around.

These Caparros heels are very comfortable! The ball of foot part is padded. Okay height, only 2.5 inches tall. The sequins detail is pretty and subtle/ doesn't look flashy.

Caparros Alicia Silk Sandals - $31.47 shipped


Because of the band jacket on ideeli homepage, I wanted to own one.
I searched for a cute and affordable on many sites, such as Forever21, Overstock, Windorstore, Macys, eBay, and no luck.

Then, I visited the15dollarstore site, and coincidentally found one there!
For a pretty good price too, for $15! LOL

Band Blazer- $21.95 shipped

Stock photo: Purple & Chocolate

See stock photos above. I remember I saw the same blazer on Hautelook awhile ago for higher price. I was surprised that I could find them again on that site. I was so glad the15dollarstore still had the purple one in my size.
Beautiful purple shade. The quality is very nice. It's made of thick cotton and has a a little bit of spandex, so I can move my arms and shoulders freely. Love it !!


I bought this dress on Hautelook Blowout Sale event, on Saturday 2 weeks ago. I had to wake up at 8 am so that I didn't miss it. The clothes were sold out really fast. Within 10-15 minutes, the cheap ones were all gone.

Glad that the dress fits fine, and the deep v-neck doesn't show much of my cleavage just like the modeled picture.
But, it's kinda thin, I think I've to wear a spandex boyshort under it.

DEPT Fine Tricot Flared Dress - $20+s/h (Orig. $65)


There are times when I don't have a place to hang my handbag. So I bought these "purse hangers/hooks" on eBay.

Opal Folding Handbag Purse Hangers - $11.98 shipped

I'm keeping one, and giving the rest of them away as gifts.
It's a nifty little thing! This way I don't have to put my bag on dirty floor. :-P

There are also the keychain version. I love the bling bling! They look SO pretty!! I will probably buy one in the future. You can get them from this eBay seller.


The pinkie puzzle ring I bought last December broke. :(
My pinkie felt naked LOL. So I bought another one on eBay, a regular ring though. This time it fits perfectly. The puzzle ring was a half size too big.
Very good quality ring! I the butterfly!

Sterling Silver Pinkie Ring - $9.99 shipped


  1. my cousin has a purse hanger bracelet! It's so convenient, and it's so pretty, I didn't even know it the bracelet could also a purse hanger.

    If you like the ones you bought, why don't you try to look for the bracelet version... at least i won't get lost in your purse ;)

  2. Hi Tiff! I saw that bracelet one, I don't like it, and it's more expensive than the one I got. I'll probably get the keychain one I posted. I like the blings. ;-)