Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Had a Very Bad "itch" Last Week

I went to Ross to buy a cheap yoga mat so that I don't have to lay down on the carpet with my sweaty back. I also bought wrist/ankle weights to make my workout more challenging.

Yoga mat - $7.99
Ankle/wrist weights - $3.99


Last week, I had a very bad "itch" to purchase something, mostly online, literally everyday.

I'm now just showing the stuff that I already got in the mail.

Monday, out of boredom, I browsed Sephora site. I ended up buying a nail polish that's on sale because I wanted the samples.
I wanted of the "100 pts perk" deluxe sample and the perfumes samples. I also used a code for a sample of the DiorShow Extase mascara.

A week later I received them in the mail, with a couple of unexpected "bonuses"!!

Sephora OPI Nail polish in RUMOR HAS IT (pale eggshell) - $5

Pale eggshell shade. It's very sheer. I applied the nail polish 3 times to get the result pictured. Easy to apply. Not streaky. I actually really like this shade.


Gucci By Gucci Pour Homme Eau de Toilette
Emilio Pucci Acqua 330 Eau de Toilette
Vera Wang Glam Princess

The Vera Wang Glam Princess. I guess the scent is not compatible with my own scent. It stinks like a cheap old women perfume. The smell makes me dizzy.

Emilio Pucci Acqua smells really nice and fresh. I sprayed it on the back of my hand, and I couldn't stop smelling it.

Diorshow Extase
(w/ code "EXTASE")

This mascara is pretty good. It thickens, lengthens, smudge-proof and holds curls. I don't know if it's better than the original DiorShow, because I've never tried it.
I've been using the Givenchy Phenomenon. I like the Givenchy more, because it has a tiny brush. The Dior Extase brush is big and fat, so it's a little bit hard to reach the eyelashes in the corner and also hard to separate eyelashes that are clumped together.

Deluxe sample - NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
(100 pts perk)

I redeemed my points to get the NARS eyeshadow primer sample.
Kinda bummed that the sample is so TINY. The size of the white tube is only three-quarters of my pinky. I wish it's a little bit bigger than that. like as big as my pinky. LOL
It's a really good primer. It's literally smudge proof. After 9 hours, my eye-makeup still look good. No "panda eyes" at all.
I get a little bit of "panda eyes" with UDPP.

About the unexpected "bonuses".....

When I received the package, I was confused why the box was so big and heavy. I only ordered a nail polish.

I found a humongous body scrub and a BE foundation powder came with my order! The body scrub smells great, it weighs almost 1.5 pounds!
The BE foundation is not my shade. Yah, no complains about that. ☺

This has turned out to be a good "itch". LOL

Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Exotic Body Scrub 23.5 oz
Bare Escentual bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation 0.3 oz


Tuesday, I ordered a couple of things from UO.

Silence & Noise Dolman Sleeve Cardigan - $13.49
(Orig. $48)
Fondue For 2 Mug Set - $8.99 (Orig. $20)

My excuse was to look for a bridal shower gift for my sister.
I came across a mug-shaped fondue. I decided to get this for her because she loves chocolates. Also, it's perfect for couples or by yourself, and it's easy to use & clean since it's just a mug size.

A porcelain mug, 2 forks, a tealight candle, all for under $9. Such a good deal! .....
Yeah, I admit. I'm a cheapo.

Then of course, since I had to pay $6 shipping fee, may as well purchased something for me too. Heheheh.. ☺
The dolman cardigan is quite nice, but I think it's one size too big. The sleeves are a bit too baggy. Beside that, I still like it, I like the dolman sleeves.


Wednesday, MJRSales announced that it's having a free shipping deal until end of May. Too bad there's nothing good to buy there.
I bought a bikini bottom. I was hoping the ruched on the butt part would give the illusion of a bigger butt, but it actually makes my butt looks flatter. I can't fill up the space. LOL
The style fits better for someone with a rounder butt. O well, good thing it's only $5.

$4.99 shipped


This week, my "itch" has died down a little bit. I'm content because of the splurging last week.

Last week I spent a lot. This week I made some profit from selling my clothes on eBay. (^__^)

On Tuesday, I went to the mall with hubby to watch Iron Man 2. It's pretty good, but not as good as the first one. Not enough fighting scenes.

Anyway, prior to that, we went to Victoria's Secret to redeem my free Pink panty (w/ PINK purchase) coupon and VS Facebook panty (w/ any purchase) coupon.

VS Pink Pretty & Pure Mega Pink Lip Balm SPF15 - $7
VS Pink lace trim hipster - Free

VS limited edition Facebook panty - Free

The Facebook panty is sooooo funny!

I bought the Pink lip balm in "pink berry" shade. It's okay, nice natural red shade, but it has that unpleasant chemical taste just like cheap or expired lipsticks have.


I saw this sweater vest on Hautelook about 2 weeks ago. It's a love at first sight. LOL

Romeo & Juliet Couture Sweater Vest $52.95 (Orig. $138)

I usually don't like spending more than $25 for a top. But, I decided to get it. It's a unique vest, I won't find it anywhere else!
Glad I found a $10 off of $50 coupon code on Retailmenot. It covered the pricey shipping cost.

I got the vest 2 weeks later. Glad I picked the right size!

The quality is very nice. It's thin, so it's perfect for spring, summer and early fall.


  1. i really like that romero & juliet gray vest!! so pretty!

  2. LOL !! The facebook undies XD I was going to buy the fondue for two set also, just because it's such a compact and adorable idea + the candle is easy to find a replacecement for.

  3. there's something else i forgot to ask you, you wrote a post a long time ago about adsense. i think i have that on my blog also with google ads. do they really pay you once you reach a certain amount? i was thinking of removing it from my blog since it wasn't doing anything except taking up space, please enlighten me lol thanks =)

  4. @ An Tran, Yeah, you'll get paid once your balance is $100 or more.

  5. hey bunnylicious,

    a lady followed my blog and looking through her list I found myself on yours. Thought I'd leave a note - do you know how long you and I have been on soompi? I literally saw you post back when I was a kid. Now we've all grown up and lead mature lives..... I must have spent 10 years on that website. Anyway keep up your blogging, good to see life's been treating you well~ Take care and stay happy okay?


  6. I love your vest! It's so cute, 'grats on the find!