Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to Claim ASOS VAT Refund (Tax refund)

In Europe, most prices include a value-added tax or VAT that can be as high as 25 percent. This is like a sales tax, except that it's built into the price you pay instead of being added at the cash register.

ASOS charges est.17.5% VAT to their items!
If you're not from UK, you can ask ASOS to refund the VAT charges back to your bank or credit card account.

You can request for a refund 30 days after the order was placed.
The refund is not automatic as you have to manually email ASOS to request for the refund, by sending an email to

I emailed them a list of ALL of my past orders that are older than 30 days.

Then, ASOS replied back.

So, I emailed the ASOS care person my CC information, EXCEPT the 3-digit authorization number located on the back of the card. It was nice of her to let me know that they would discard the CC information once they processed my VAT refund.
Some people said ASOS didn't ask for their cc/bank info.
It depends on whom you talk to I guess.

As promised, they credited the VAT refund back to my credit card account 3 days later!
I hope that helps!


  1. wow nice! thanks for sharing! asos' prices always shoo'd me away because of the high prices (im sure the VAT thing contributes a lot as u have shown)..and i guess this makes it seem more encouraging to buy cuz ill get some of my money back lol

  2. I totally did that for my Asos orders! I got $17 back!! Although, they never asked me for my credit card info.....

  3. @Mallory: Cool! Yeah, it depends who handle your case. My coworker's customer service didn't ask for her CC info too.

  4. Great post! I tried this yesterday and got a reply early this morning (they also didn't ask for my CC). Thanks for the info!

  5. Can I claim VAT refund towards my paypal account?

  6. @YauJaGwai, You can claim, but they can't send the refund to your Paypal account. They only can send it to your bank or credit card account.

  7. Hi..I am just wondering if ASOS still does VAT refund as I have just emailed them 2 days ago and got a reply saying that they no longer practice this..


  8. @Gabe, I researched about this issue. It looks like they have changed their VAT policy on Aug 16th. No more refund. OMG that sucks :(

    Here's the discussion about it.