Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekend Shopping

A good friend of mine bought this Forever 21 LOVE" two finger ring for me. It's so cute!

She also bought me this Walmart - Norma Kamali maxi dress that I wanted.
Walmart website only has it in black and the Walmart in my state doesn't carry Norma Kamali clothes. Yay!
The dress is made of very soft , not sheer, and nice quality cotton, it has a little bit of spandex too. Love it!

NK Racer Long Dress - $15


Hubby and I went to the malls today.

First, we went to DSW store, to return a pair of boots that I bought together with my Caparros heels (previous blog). Also, I had two $5 coupons to spend. Hubby used them to buy a pocket wallet.

Perry Ellis Pocket Wallet - $2.95

Then, while he's waiting in line at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch, I went to Sephora to return something.

I saw this cute miniature Miss Dior Cherie perfume on the cashier counter. It's one of the "100 points perk" freebies. I took a picture of it and sent it to my friend, since she loves this perfume. I told her if she wanted it, I could get it for her. She said 'Yes, pleasseeeee!!' of course. LOL

Then, we went to Nordstrom Rack.
Kinda pricey, but I love the style and it's comfy.

Nordstrom Rack - $24.97


Highlight of the day!! \( ^o^)/

We went to Louis Vuitton to get my (early) birthday gift!!
I was going to wait until my birthday in 3 weeks.
I called the store a few days ago to check if they had the Totally MM in stock. The SA said that they only had 1 left, that's not a display. I was afraid that that last one would sold out soon. Who knows when they will restock again. So I begged hubby to get me the bag today. Yay! ^_^"

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