Friday, April 16, 2010

Random stuff

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Lashes - 99 cents each
Duo Eyelash Adhesive in dark tone - $6.29

My friend told me that Walgreens is selling $5.99 Revlon Fantasy Lengths Lashes for $.99, after $5 coupon. You can find the coupon in the Walgreens April coupon booklet, in store. The $5 coupon deal expires 4/24/10.


Bare Escentuals Prime Time ($21) - $17.xx
Clinique Rinse-Off Eye Makeup Solvent ($16.50) - $14.xx

My hubby and I had the day off from work. So, he accompanied me to the mall. I went to Sephora to use the 15% off coupon. I only purchased a couple of things, a foundation primer and an eye makeup remover, since I'm almost out of them. I also got some samples, after I asked for some. ☺

I really like the BE primer. This is the 3rd bottle that I purchased. Many people like Laura Mercier primer more. I don't like it, I tried the sample awhile ago, the primer was too thick, IMO.

For the Clinique eye makeup remover, this one is pretty good. I usually use the purple bottle one (Take the Day Off Makeup Remover). Despite of the bad reviews on makeupalley, I like this one more than the purple one. It's good for sensitive skin. It's very mild. It's not recommended if you always wear thick and waterproof eye makeup though. It won't remove your eye makeup easily, stick with the purple bottle.


VS Pink Lace Trim Panty ($9.50) - FREE

Then, I went to VS to redeem the VS Pink panty coupon I got in the mail. I only could pick it in pink, black or white. I wish VS Pink panties came in beige/nude color, it's more versatile. I wanted to use my last $10 Secret Reward Card too, but didn't find anything worth to buy. I'll use it online I guess.


Dress shirt - $13.99

On the way back home, we went to the Outlet. Hubby purchased a dress shirt from Banana Republic. Nothing good & cheap from the women clearance section. Boo.

Wrap Dress ($130. Sale $19.96) - $11.xx
Angora rib beanie ($30. Sale $9.96) - $5.xx

Then, before heading home, we went to Kenneth Cole Outlet store, 'cuz I got a 40% off coupon! Their clothes were still kinda pricey after the discount. To me, if a piece of clothing costs more than $25, that's expensive. LOL :-p Their shoes were pretty good deal though, around $30-$40 after the discount.
So, I looked around the clearance rack. I found one and only wrap dress in my size for $20!! I tried it on, LOVE it! Of course I ended up buying it. It's freakin' cheap after the 40% off! Score!!! ☺
Hubby bought a knit beanie. Super cheap too!! It's quite a nice beanie, I'm gonna steal it from him whenever I feel like wearing it. LOL


  1. You find almost everything at really good deals, but since you shop so much wouldn't you still end up spending a lot? Or is your mentality more that you would shop the same amount whether you were getting it discounted or not, so you still save money? Damn kind of confusing, sorry.

  2. Spending a lot? Not really, I have a monthly shopping budget. I keep track every purchase w/ my iPhone app. ;-)

    Hmm I guess I'd prefer spending $100 and get 5-6 things, than spending $100 and only can get 1-2 things. I don't feel guilty, and my husband doesn't complain about it. It seems when I spend more than my spending limit per item, I always end up regretting it, and the stuff ends up on eBay, like when I bought a $30 FCUK sweater or a $35 ASOS dress or a pair of $100 Aldo shoes. I ended up not liking them and ended up on eBay. I love my cheaper stuff in the end.