Sunday, April 4, 2010

More stuff in the mail & Shopping w/ Family

A few stuff came in the mail 2-3 days ago.

NY&Co Bandage skirt - $7.xx shipped

The NY & Co bandage skirt that I bought with the $10 off code that I posted last week. The color is cargo green, the only color that's available in my size. The fabric texture is similar to corduroy. It fits fine, but the skirt is not form-fitting as modeled, it's still nice though. I can wear it casually or formally with black shoes or boots.

American Apparel Interlock Wrap Dress - $17.50 shipped

I bought this dress on eBay. It's a pre-owned, but the condition still looks new. I can't afford the retail price. This dress retail price is $44!
It's very nice quality. It is made of VERY thick cotton. I'm kinda disappointed about that. I don't think I can wear this in the spring/summer. It'll be too hot. I'm still keeping an eye for a navy or a purple on eBay though.

Scoopneck cap sleeves tee (navy) - $12.50
Plunging V-neck tank (blue) - $3.74
Total after discounts: $12.50

Last week, Victoria's Secret emailed a $10 off coupon to one of my email accounts. On that same week, VS had 25% off clearance code. So I used that chance to buy a couple of tees from them. I already bought the same ones in the past. I like them very much, so I bought the same ones in different colors. Though, I'm kinda bummed the navy is so dark, almost black.


I spent the day with my family and hubby today!

We first went to a place called "Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm." That place has SOOOO many colorful tulips!
Pretty fun experience! ^__^

Then, we went to the outlet mall, called Woodburn Factory Stores.
Banana Republic Factory Store had 40% off ENTIRE STORE sale. The fitting room line was VERY long. So I only bought things that I didn't have to try on first.
The BR sweater that I bought a month ago now is 40% off cheaper! Kinda bummed about that! I like the sweater, I even wore it today. LOL
I was going to get another one in green, but they didn't have it in my size. My 2nd choice's lavender, and there's only one left. Lucky!
I almost bought that same cami when I purchased the white sweater. Good thing I waited.
O yah, I also received a $10 coupon in the mail. I can use it 4 times, at BR, GAP, Oldnavy and online. Woohooo!

Sweater - $17.99
Knit cami - $11.99
Total after discounts: $7.98

My hubby and I bought some waterproof pants at Columbia Sportswear Outlet.
Next week, my office will be remodeled for 4 days. So I won't be working on those days. Hubby suggested to use those days to go on vacation. We decided to go snowboarding. Due to the current weird cold weather, there's still snow in the mountains. Yah, I hope the snow is still thick enough next week *cross fingers* because it will be our first trip!

We were able to get the pants for pretty cheap, since the season is over. His pants (black) originally costs $90. Mine (white) costs $115. We purchased both for around $45.
Gosh! Sports apparel is SO expensive!! =__=


  1. Lady, you find the best deals :X

  2. I got the bandage skirt too awhile back when it was on sale for like $9.99. I got in gray in XS, and it looked so cute when I tried it on! Good deal *thumbs up*