Saturday, April 24, 2010

In-store Splurge

Before heading to the mall to redeem coupons, I went to David's Bridal to pick up my bridesmaid dress, it's for my sister's wedding in August. The wedding is still awhile, but she told the BMs to buy the dress asap, since it's on sale, it may be discontinued any time.
The dress is too long now, it will be shortened to knee-length. ☺


There's a ROSS near the David's Bridal, of course I dropped by!
I didn't find any clothes I wanted to get, but I ended up buying a pair of shoes.

TSUBO Lerna - $19.99 (Orig. $95)

I like these "mary jane" shoes because of the platforms, and the brand is Tsubo. They sell comfortable shoes, similar to Dansko or Birckenstock. They got very good customer reviews and they are still worth $60-$95.


I also went to Walmart. I wanted to buy a tiered summer dress that I saw on their website. It's OOS online. I went to 2 Walmarts, they didn't have my size anymore. O well, just not my luck :(
But, I didn't leave the store empty-handed. I bought a couple of 100% organic cotton shirts. I organic cotton! They are much softer than regular cotton shirts.
I especially like Walmart's Faded Glory brand. Their white tee is not as sheer as white tees in general, so I am not worried about exposing my bra.
If you want to buy one, buy one size bigger. It shrinks after you wash it.

White tee - $4
Grey tee - $8

I bought some Nivea chapsticks too, since the one that I'm using now is almost gone.

Nivea Chapsticks - $2.47


Coupons redemption time!

First, I went to Aeropostale. I printed a $10 off $10 coupon and a free t-shirt coupon online. I didn't find anything I like there, so I ended up buying a polo for my hubby, and a free tee for me.

Solid Pique Polo - $2.25
Solid Slub V-neck - Free

Then, I went to JC Penney. I received a $10 coupon in the mail on Friday.

After a quickie search, because I was starving, I tried on 2 tops, a $5.99 top (Link) and a $9.99 top (Link). Pretty cheap because the store is currently having up to 40% off sale.
I ended up getting the second one because it's much prettier! I like the beading embellishment and the dolman sleeves. The inside part of the sleeve is covered too, up to the armpit. So I don't need to wear a cami under it to hide my bra.
One thing I don't like about the top is the beading embellishment looks very fragile. So, it has to be hand-washed.

I almost didn't buy the top, because the coupon's not valid until Sunday (4/25). I was too excited. LOL
But, the SA still let me used it. Good customer service! Heheh \(^o^)/

a.n.a® Dolman Tunic - $9.99

Then, I went home, 'cuz I was super starving from this shopping!
See you next month !!


  1. No way !! David's Bridal is sponsoring a Charity fashion show that a club which I'm a board member of is holding...and they offered us the same dress, I think it might have been in a different color though.

  2. Hoi Daphne! Wow you're a board member?! That's cool!! Yah, that's what the SA told my sister. (.__.)

  3. It's Pink Ribbon, but it's only community, I'm still not a speaker at any conferences or anything, I only get to...attend. I think they only voted me in because I wear so much pink XD so undeserving of my position LOL.

    I do publicity so I contact the stores and such and David's Bridal has sponsored since the club started holding the show. I saw the entry and I was like that dress seems familiar...and it was haha.

  4. Ooo what a coincidence :-D
    Now you know what it looks like on a 5'5" tall woman ^__^