Saturday, April 24, 2010

In-store Splurge

Before heading to the mall to redeem coupons, I went to David's Bridal to pick up my bridesmaid dress, it's for my sister's wedding in August. The wedding is still awhile, but she told the BMs to buy the dress asap, since it's on sale, it may be discontinued any time.
The dress is too long now, it will be shortened to knee-length. ☺


There's a ROSS near the David's Bridal, of course I dropped by!
I didn't find any clothes I wanted to get, but I ended up buying a pair of shoes.

TSUBO Lerna - $19.99 (Orig. $95)

I like these "mary jane" shoes because of the platforms, and the brand is Tsubo. They sell comfortable shoes, similar to Dansko or Birckenstock. They got very good customer reviews and they are still worth $60-$95.


I also went to Walmart. I wanted to buy a tiered summer dress that I saw on their website. It's OOS online. I went to 2 Walmarts, they didn't have my size anymore. O well, just not my luck :(
But, I didn't leave the store empty-handed. I bought a couple of 100% organic cotton shirts. I organic cotton! They are much softer than regular cotton shirts.
I especially like Walmart's Faded Glory brand. Their white tee is not as sheer as white tees in general, so I am not worried about exposing my bra.
If you want to buy one, buy one size bigger. It shrinks after you wash it.

White tee - $4
Grey tee - $8

I bought some Nivea chapsticks too, since the one that I'm using now is almost gone.

Nivea Chapsticks - $2.47


Coupons redemption time!

First, I went to Aeropostale. I printed a $10 off $10 coupon and a free t-shirt coupon online. I didn't find anything I like there, so I ended up buying a polo for my hubby, and a free tee for me.

Solid Pique Polo - $2.25
Solid Slub V-neck - Free

Then, I went to JC Penney. I received a $10 coupon in the mail on Friday.

After a quickie search, because I was starving, I tried on 2 tops, a $5.99 top (Link) and a $9.99 top (Link). Pretty cheap because the store is currently having up to 40% off sale.
I ended up getting the second one because it's much prettier! I like the beading embellishment and the dolman sleeves. The inside part of the sleeve is covered too, up to the armpit. So I don't need to wear a cami under it to hide my bra.
One thing I don't like about the top is the beading embellishment looks very fragile. So, it has to be hand-washed.

I almost didn't buy the top, because the coupon's not valid until Sunday (4/25). I was too excited. LOL
But, the SA still let me used it. Good customer service! Heheh \(^o^)/

a.n.a® Dolman Tunic - $9.99

Then, I went home, 'cuz I was super starving from this shopping!
See you next month !!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Online Splurge

I usually don't purchase from the regular Banana Republic store, because they are soooooooooooo pricey! But, 2 weeks ago, they had a 30% off code that worked on anything, including sale items. Usually they only give codes that valid on full-price items only. Plus, I had a $10 off code too. So, I ended up buying something from there!

Banana Republic
Lightweight Hidden Pocket Sweater - $24.99 shipped

(Orig. $69.50. Sale $34.99

A very good quality 100% wool sweater. Very soft. It fits good too.
But, the picture is misleading. The sweater is sheer, so wearing a cami under it is a must. Also, the gray is not deep gray as pictured, the color is actually heather gray.
Yah I still like it, ideal for late spring and fall seasons.


About less than 2 weeks ago, MJRSales posted a free shipping code on their Facebook account. Thank goodness I became their fan, or I wouldn't have known about it. I purchased some clothes and boots.

Victoria's Secret Split Neck Tee - $5.99 shipped

I purchased this top in navy blue on eBay awhile ago. I posted it on my blog too. I really like it, so I bought another one in different color!

VS Cotton Rib Squareneck Sweater - $5.99

I wanted to buy this sweater when it's on clearance on VS site, but the color choices were crappy. So happy that MJRSales had this in beautiful deep red. It's my favorite color! It fits really nice, as modeled.

It has a square-shape neckline on the front and V-shape neckline on the back. When I opened the package, and saw the V-shape, I immediately thought, "Hei, they sent me the wrong sweater!" *flip the sweater* "O, nevermind!" LOL :-P

The Limited Cowlneck Sweater - $7.99

I immediately put this sweater in the shopping cart. I love the sleeves style. It's slightly puffed on the top and the rest of the sleeve is form-fitting. The sweater in real life looks as good as expected. Though, it's kinda itchy, since small percentage of the fabric used is made of angora.

Colin Stuart Riding Boots - $16.90

These boots are a big disappointment! I've never liked Colin Stuart brand, bad quality, I shouldn't have bought them. They are stiff and uncomfortable. The shaft is too big for my legs. They are ideal for women with big or fat calves. I posted them up on eBay right away. Someone bought them last night. I took $5.25 loss. O well, better than collecting dust.


A Slickdeal forum member posted Overstock 7% off code (Code: 149509. Exp 5/9). So of course, I visited Overstock site right away and checked out the clearance section. This wool coat caught my attention right away. I love the huge hood. The price is decent too. So without thinking further, I bought the coat. Bad impulse!

Triple 5 Soul Hazel Coat - $35.77 shipped

The coat arrived 3 days later! So fast!

The coat is made of 70% wool, so it's kinda bulky. It's very warm.
The hood is humongous! Bigger than I expected. Very deep and wide. When I put it over my head, it flops down and over into my face. I can't see anything in front of me.
Still, it's a good price for a coat, too bad the season is over. I can't wear it out for another 6-7 months.


My order from iHerb arrived 2 days ago! Very good and fast service!

If you're a new customer, use code BUN126 to get $5 off your first purchase.

I almost finished my Skinfood face cleanser and Olay night cream.
I was planning to get another Skinfood cleanser on eBay, but then decided to get something closer to home and more natural. The night cream, I wanted to try something different.

Since i'm happy with the organic shampoo+conditioner and hair styling products that I have been using, I want to try other kind of organic products.
My face is kinda messed up now. I have a few acne scars from the acnes I usually get during my period, I have brown spots from sun damage, and millia - possibly from years of wearing makeup. So, I thought products that are made of natural ingredients would help.

That website has hundreds of organic products. So hard to choose! After 2 days worth of researching during the weekend (reading reviews, read information about the ingredients, etc), I finally decided face products that contain Vitamin C, Vitamin E and white tea, since they are good sources of antioxidant. The brand is Avalon Organics, the same brand as my HG Biotin Thickening shampoo & conditioner brand.

Avalon Organics, Vitamin C Facial Cream - $12.26
Avalon Organics, Vitamin C Refreshing Cleansing Gel - $6.41

I purchased them both for $17.07 shipped.
Shipping is cheap (USA). First class flat rate $3.40, or UPS flat rate $4

It's majority made of natural ingredients. It doesn't contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) too!

I have been using them for 2 days. So far I haven't gotten any new break outs. Phew!
The product smells nice, it's like orange candy. It doesn't smell that strong, so it doesn't hurt my nostrils.

The cleanser washes off my makeup easily and effectively. It doesn't dry out my skin.

My original plan was to use the cream at night only, but I have been using it day and night.
It absorbs really quickly. It wears well under makeup
The Dr. Jart BB Cream I've been using is a nice tinted foundation, but it's kinda dries out my skin. During the day, some dry patches appear around my mouth and on both sides of my nose.
The Olay Complete moisturizer I previously used couldn't keep my skin to stay moisturized.
This cream does the job, the dry patches barely show up anymore.

iHerb - Natural/Organic online store

Last weekend, I was browsing online for face products that are majority made of natural ingredients, such as green tea, vitamin C and E, etc. I want to try products w/ less chemical in them because because I notice I've damaged my skin from using too many face products (milia, discoloration, blemishes, etc).

I found this website, called iHerb. They have wide varieties of face and body products made of organic/natural ingredients. I've never heard most of the brands.
The best part, They are cheaper than the retail price and the shipping costs is very cheap, USA delivery is just $3.40 (USPS First class) or $4 (UPS). They also ship internationally.
They ship really fast too. I ordered on Sunday, and it will arrive tomorrow, Wednesday. They ship from California.

Use code, BUN126 to save $5 on your first order.

They have Avalon Organic brand too there, including the Biotin Thickening shampoo (Link), for much cheaper than the retail price. It's my favorite shampoo!
You can buy them there for $4.22 shipped (1st class shipping), after the $5 code.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Random stuff

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Lashes - 99 cents each
Duo Eyelash Adhesive in dark tone - $6.29

My friend told me that Walgreens is selling $5.99 Revlon Fantasy Lengths Lashes for $.99, after $5 coupon. You can find the coupon in the Walgreens April coupon booklet, in store. The $5 coupon deal expires 4/24/10.


Bare Escentuals Prime Time ($21) - $17.xx
Clinique Rinse-Off Eye Makeup Solvent ($16.50) - $14.xx

My hubby and I had the day off from work. So, he accompanied me to the mall. I went to Sephora to use the 15% off coupon. I only purchased a couple of things, a foundation primer and an eye makeup remover, since I'm almost out of them. I also got some samples, after I asked for some. ☺

I really like the BE primer. This is the 3rd bottle that I purchased. Many people like Laura Mercier primer more. I don't like it, I tried the sample awhile ago, the primer was too thick, IMO.

For the Clinique eye makeup remover, this one is pretty good. I usually use the purple bottle one (Take the Day Off Makeup Remover). Despite of the bad reviews on makeupalley, I like this one more than the purple one. It's good for sensitive skin. It's very mild. It's not recommended if you always wear thick and waterproof eye makeup though. It won't remove your eye makeup easily, stick with the purple bottle.


VS Pink Lace Trim Panty ($9.50) - FREE

Then, I went to VS to redeem the VS Pink panty coupon I got in the mail. I only could pick it in pink, black or white. I wish VS Pink panties came in beige/nude color, it's more versatile. I wanted to use my last $10 Secret Reward Card too, but didn't find anything worth to buy. I'll use it online I guess.


Dress shirt - $13.99

On the way back home, we went to the Outlet. Hubby purchased a dress shirt from Banana Republic. Nothing good & cheap from the women clearance section. Boo.

Wrap Dress ($130. Sale $19.96) - $11.xx
Angora rib beanie ($30. Sale $9.96) - $5.xx

Then, before heading home, we went to Kenneth Cole Outlet store, 'cuz I got a 40% off coupon! Their clothes were still kinda pricey after the discount. To me, if a piece of clothing costs more than $25, that's expensive. LOL :-p Their shoes were pretty good deal though, around $30-$40 after the discount.
So, I looked around the clearance rack. I found one and only wrap dress in my size for $20!! I tried it on, LOVE it! Of course I ended up buying it. It's freakin' cheap after the 40% off! Score!!! ☺
Hubby bought a knit beanie. Super cheap too!! It's quite a nice beanie, I'm gonna steal it from him whenever I feel like wearing it. LOL

Saturday, April 10, 2010

ASOS & Urban Decay

I almost forgot about my ASOS purchase from 2 weeks ago!! I received them last weekend. I forgot because my parents and sister were visiting.

ASOS Ponti-Roma Sleeveless Pleat Front $13.53 (Orig. $47.35)

ASOS Rhinestone Set Horse Shoe Ring $6.76 (Orig. $15.22)

Total: $9.42 shipped

I was able to get them for super cheap because of a $20 one-time use discount code.
I couldn't find anything that I desperately wanted to buy. Then, my friend showed me the black dress. She has the same dress and she really likes it. So, I decided to buy the dress too. I then discovered it's one size too big for me. Yah, a belt can fix it.
The ring, I love it! It's so big, shiny, and so blingy! I bought the size small, it fits like size 5-6.


Last week, Urban Decay had 30% Family and Friends sale. I used this chance to buy the Hall of Fame set. I missed the chance when Ulta sold them for $18 around the holiday time last year. I want the XL UDPP so bad!!

I also bought the 24/7 eyeliner set too. I was going to buy the $17 full size 24/7 eyeliner in Zero (black) only. I love that eyeliner! It glides smoothly and long lasting!! Then, on second thought, this 4-eyeliner + glitter set was a better deal. Plus, I get a mini version of the Zero from the Hall of Fame set.

Hall of Fame - $23
Stereophonics 24/7 - $20
Total+s/h: $35.10

Stereophonic features:
★ Crash - a rich eggplant
★ Zero - black
★ Underground - metallic taupe
★ Gunmetal - like it sounds!
★ Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy, a beige sparkler.

The Hall of Fame is packed with:
★ XL Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($23 value!): 60% larger than the original size!
★ 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero: creamy, waterproof, forever-lasting black
★ NEW Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara: complete with its full-size brush
★ Lipstick in Midnight Cowboy: sheer beige shimmer
★ Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss in Timothy: coral with a pink glow

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Victoria's Secret Love Rocks

I purchased the Love Rocks lip gloss ring last week, and I also got a Love Rocks tote for free (w/ any Love Rocks purchase)!

The canvas tote is surprisingly very nice quality. It's made of thick and sturdy canvas. The size is very huge, 22" wide x 19" tall. It has a rose-shape decoration made of suede-like (imitation) leather.
I really like this bag because it's not like the other VS totes. It doesn't have the usual big and/or all over Victoria's Secret logos on it, so you won't feel like you're a walking billboard when you're carrying it. The font sort of reminds me of Kate Von D and Rock & Republic.

To get the tote for free, I purchased the lip gloss ring. I really like the ring design and the bright red shade. I estimate the ring size is size 7.
I was able to get it for cheaper with the $10 Secret Reward Card.

Love Rocks Lip Gloss Ring - $7.99 shipped (Orig. $12)

Unfortunately, i'm a little bit disappointed with the lip gloss quality. It's not pigmented, it's very sheer. Yah, I shouldn't have expected much from a $12 lip gloss. I bet the ring design costs more than the lip gloss. LOL
I was hoping that the lip gloss would make my lips color bright red, just like the color on the ring. I had to apply layers of it for the bright red color to show up. It's even hard to capture the color with my 12.1 megapixel camera. The result looks coral-ish instead.
On the positive side, it feels nice on my lips, it's quite long lasting (if I don't eat anything). I also like the shade, it adds "healthy" red color to my pale lips, AND I got a cool canvas tote! All for less than $8!! LOL
I'm gonna wear the ring to work tomorrow!! \(^o^)/

Monday, April 5, 2010

Shoes Shopping

Today, I went shopping with my parents and sister who were visiting, and hubby too.

I wrote awhile ago (blog entry), about a pair of sandals that's on clearance that I really wanted to buy, but unfortunately they didn't have them my size. (T_T)

When I was browsing the shoes section, I found that same pair of sandals in my size! I was so shocked (O_O) that I could find them again at Ross, after 7 months later! Of course, I grabbed them right away. LOL
Then, my dad bought them for me! Yay! \(^o^)/

Kenneth Cole Reaction Know Best - $25.99

Then, one of the stores that we visited was Famous Footwear.
My sister was looking for the Skechers Shape-Ups. They are one of those toning shoes that are currently pretty popular.
Famous Footwear was having BOGO 50% off. Unfortunately, the Skechers was excluded from the deal. Boooo.

So she bought them full price for $99.99, with 0% tax, since Oregon has no sales tax. It's a good deal for her since the state where she lives has 9% sales tax. At the store, we also tried out the Easy Spirit Anti Gravity shoes. The design doesn't look appealing, but I think they look pretty cute when worn.
They are very lightweight and the sole is very cushy and comfortable. No wonder they are called "Anti Gravity" !

I read a bunch of reviews online, many customers who have bad back and knees, and arthritis really love these shoes.

I originally wasn't planning to buy them, because they are a bit expensive. Then, the store employee said that these shoes were qualified for the 50% off deal. So I couldn't pass up that deal! So my sister bought the Skechers and I bought these shoes for 50% off of the listed price! Can't get better deal than that anywhere!

Easy Spirit Getahead $24.98
(Orig. $79.99. Sale $49.99)


Unrelated buy, I bought hubby some shirts from Old Navy, with the $10 coupon I got in the mail.
I wanted to buy the $15 Art cardi, but the deal was already over. Boo. (T_T)

White & Blue Shirts - $4.97 each
Black shirt - $10
Total: $9.94

Sunday, April 4, 2010

More stuff in the mail & Shopping w/ Family

A few stuff came in the mail 2-3 days ago.

NY&Co Bandage skirt - $7.xx shipped

The NY & Co bandage skirt that I bought with the $10 off code that I posted last week. The color is cargo green, the only color that's available in my size. The fabric texture is similar to corduroy. It fits fine, but the skirt is not form-fitting as modeled, it's still nice though. I can wear it casually or formally with black shoes or boots.

American Apparel Interlock Wrap Dress - $17.50 shipped

I bought this dress on eBay. It's a pre-owned, but the condition still looks new. I can't afford the retail price. This dress retail price is $44!
It's very nice quality. It is made of VERY thick cotton. I'm kinda disappointed about that. I don't think I can wear this in the spring/summer. It'll be too hot. I'm still keeping an eye for a navy or a purple on eBay though.

Scoopneck cap sleeves tee (navy) - $12.50
Plunging V-neck tank (blue) - $3.74
Total after discounts: $12.50

Last week, Victoria's Secret emailed a $10 off coupon to one of my email accounts. On that same week, VS had 25% off clearance code. So I used that chance to buy a couple of tees from them. I already bought the same ones in the past. I like them very much, so I bought the same ones in different colors. Though, I'm kinda bummed the navy is so dark, almost black.


I spent the day with my family and hubby today!

We first went to a place called "Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm." That place has SOOOO many colorful tulips!
Pretty fun experience! ^__^

Then, we went to the outlet mall, called Woodburn Factory Stores.
Banana Republic Factory Store had 40% off ENTIRE STORE sale. The fitting room line was VERY long. So I only bought things that I didn't have to try on first.
The BR sweater that I bought a month ago now is 40% off cheaper! Kinda bummed about that! I like the sweater, I even wore it today. LOL
I was going to get another one in green, but they didn't have it in my size. My 2nd choice's lavender, and there's only one left. Lucky!
I almost bought that same cami when I purchased the white sweater. Good thing I waited.
O yah, I also received a $10 coupon in the mail. I can use it 4 times, at BR, GAP, Oldnavy and online. Woohooo!

Sweater - $17.99
Knit cami - $11.99
Total after discounts: $7.98

My hubby and I bought some waterproof pants at Columbia Sportswear Outlet.
Next week, my office will be remodeled for 4 days. So I won't be working on those days. Hubby suggested to use those days to go on vacation. We decided to go snowboarding. Due to the current weird cold weather, there's still snow in the mountains. Yah, I hope the snow is still thick enough next week *cross fingers* because it will be our first trip!

We were able to get the pants for pretty cheap, since the season is over. His pants (black) originally costs $90. Mine (white) costs $115. We purchased both for around $45.
Gosh! Sports apparel is SO expensive!! =__=