Saturday, March 20, 2010

VS Haul and Dry Shampoo

Happy Saturday!!

Last week, VS had a free shipping code, so I used that chance to order something cheap online, just to get their Secret Reward Card.

Top: $6.99
Lacy Thong ($16 value): Free
PINK Dog: $3

The PINK dog, I bought it from a Soompi member. I collect them. ☺
The top is really nice, I wish I got the blue one too.
The panty is free because I have a VS Angel card. In the month of March, the panty is free with any purchase.


On Friday, the weather was very nice, 70 F.
My office was really warm, which made my scalp and hair felt really oily and gross. At the time, I wish I had a dry shampoo to make my hair felt fresh again. My friend awhile ago showed me this product. I hesitated to buy one at the time. Last night, my friend and I decided to ordered them. We split the shipping cost.

It got very good reviews everywhere. You can read a bunch on Urban Outfitters site too. I bought it from this site. I hope it'd work on me as well *cross fingers*

The All Nighter™ Styling Powder (dark brown/black) - $18 + $6 s/h


  1. Please let us know how the dry shampoo works (and how well)! I've actually never heard of that before & it looks mighty interesting. xD

  2. the dry shampoo looks interesting :) please do a review for it if you dont mind ^^

  3. I definitely ask for a review on the dry shampoo. I've been really into it recently even though I don't own one... hehe~