Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Urban Outfitters Haul (Updated 3/24)

Got a sale notification email from Urban Outfitters some time last week... I shouldn't have clicked it... I ended up buying a couple of things... haha...

Tropical Wood Ring Holder - $4.99
Deux Lux Twist Bag - $19.99

I really like this ring holder. It's cute!
I put this ring holder bowl on my kitchen countertop.
I usually take off my rings when I'm cooking and put them on a random place without realizing it. With this bowl, I won't misplace my jewelries anymore. ☺

I'm actually in the process of saving money to buy a specific handbag. Agh!
But this bag is just TOO cool. I love the "knot" design.
It comes with a dust bag.
The imitation leather is nice quality and soft too.
It has a snap button closure.
Inside, 1 zippered pocket and 2 open pockets.
A few previous customers complain about the size, it's too big. I'm 5'5" tall. It doesn't seem too big for me. I like the size! It's a perfect size for carrying books, for traveling, or even for shopping.

Okay! I just transferred my junk into this bag. Man, this bag IS huge. I barely can see my stuff at the bottom of the bag! LOL


  1. Hi! I think your ring holder in the kitchen is SUCH a good idea!! And that bowl is just perfect! Thanks for posting! - abeautyfullday.com

  2. The bag looks so good on you. The ring holder in the kitchen is such a good idea. Now that I think about it, it looks like it would fit well in any kitchen.