Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Camera + Cardigan overload, etc

Hubby bought a new camera !!
He sold our previous 10 MP Canon camera to his coworker and bought this one on, for
$141.xx !!

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W290
12.1 MP Digital Camera
5x Optical Zoom
Super Steady Shot Image Stabilization

I love it!
The Image Stabilization feature makes it so easy to take pictures. The result doesn't look blurry or shaky and great results with or without flash.


I received my Kohls orders yesterday. I ordered these last week during their "30% off + free shipping" deal.

Kohls women clothes run big. Size small equals to size 4/6.

ELLE Smocked Flyaway Cardigan - $12.32

I love the smocked waist!
It is really flattering, it gives the illusion of hour-glass shape body.

Apt. 9 Boyfriend Cardigan - $12.32

First glance, I saw nothing special about cardigan. Then, I read the description, "sequins," and then "O, hello!" I looked at the cardigan more closely. The sequins look really neat. They are not overboard or extremely shiny, like clubbing/party clothes. The shine is very subtle so it can be worn in daytime.

Tracy M Women's 'Waterfall Cocoon' Cashmere Blend Cardigan - $22.94 shipped

I purchased this cardigan last Monday. Love it !
I bought the size small, so glad it fits!! The cardigan is really soft and warm. The houndstooth is really nice and unique. There are not many open cardigans with designs or patterns out there. ;-)


I bought this on eBay last week. My previous brush was so worn out, it's so rough.

It's $15.98 + free shipping.
I earned instant Bing cashback, for $1.28.
I also earned $0.32 pending eBates cashback. ☺

Clarisonic Delicate Brush - $14.70 shipped


  1. Bunny! You finally got your 12.1 MP Camera :) Now we can both take some HD Pictures! Loving your hauls hun<3

  2. that waterfall cacoon looks wonderful on you!! :)

  3. Hi! My request really has to do with the review from your last post, but do you think you can show us how you use the hair product+ blowdryer for more volume? I've purchased root lifters, mousse, and hairspray, but I must not be doing it right!

    thanks ;)

  4. The cardigans are such a great buy (and flattering on you)!! If I had known about the sale, I'd order some too :)

    Nice finds!

  5. The cardigan is really fit you!
    Want the same too! <3