Sunday, March 7, 2010

I luv saturday

Another weekend, another splurge!

A package from Kohls arrived today.
I actually ordered the same cardigan 2 weeks ago, but it's too big and it's more expensive too ($17.49) at the time. A week later the price dropped. So, I bought a smaller size and returned the previous one. The size small fits like women size 4/6. It's so soft and comfy.

Apt. 9 Solid Cardigan - $8.91 shipped

I have a couple more cardigans and a maxi dress coming, shipped via FedEx SmartPost. I hate that shipping method. It takes 10 days to arrive!

I also bought this one in-store. ^_^"

ELLE - $13.99

I like Kohls women clothes more than their junior clothes. Their junior clothes quality is crappy, imo.


Today (Saturday) was a pretty busy day. Hubby and I went to Portland to attend a dinner party. We left around 11 AM so that we had time to shop and to visit David's Bridal to try out some bridesmaid dresses. One of my sisters are getting married this August. ^__^

First, we visited the Coach Factory store @ Woodburn Company Stores. I had a $10 gift card that I had been wanting to get rid of for awhile. I used it to buy a scarf, to decorate my black Coach tote. I almost bought a $35 wristlet too, but I decided not to because I didn't need one. Heck, I bought one awhile ago, I only used it for a few days, as a makeup bag.

$1.99 (after 50% off + 20% off + $10 gift card)

It's so cool that the sales associate put the scarf in a little pouch. I can use it to keep my others scarves too.

Then, we went to Banana Republic Outlet. I got a sweater. Luv the collar! Hubby bought a dress shirt.



Then we drove to the mall. We went to Sephora right away, because I wanted to get the Tarina Tarantino bracelet !!

I picked the purple one. I wanted the black one, but the store only had a bunch of the red ones and one purple left. O well, I still love it. It's cute and sturdy. The plastic beads are good quality too.

Living Proof Thickening Cream - $14
Tarina Tarantino bracelet- FREE

We also went to Gap, Hollisters and Abercrombie & Fitch. We didn't get anything though. I was hoping to find something good at Hollisters, because of the 20% off coupon, but I didn't find anything worth to buy. Bummer. O well, it's good for my bank account I guessssss..... !!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your haul with us! The bracelet has a slightly different color than pictured probably because of the lighting, but it's still pretty. :)

    I've been waiting for an order to come in the mail too~ Honestly, this whole waiting thing really sucks since I log on to check the status all the time. xD Buying things at the mall is so much more substantial (but at the same time, they usually don't have as huge a selection and I can't really shop in my PJs when I'm in the mall...haha~)

    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! :D

  2. Unrelated to this post question, I noticed you haven't cashed in your swagbucks, are you saving up for something other than an amazon gc? If it's personal then no need to answer. Related to this post, cute sweater I like the buttons on the high collar

  3. Hi Daphne, I only use the SB to get the $5 Amazon GCs, since it's the best deal there. The problem is we only can cash in up to 5 GCs per month. The $5 Paypal is pretty good, but long process time, 2-3 weeks. I ordered one on Feb 25th, I still haven't gotten it.

  4. Bunny! Please let us know how the Living Proof Thickening cream works for you :) I've been keeping an eye on that, but it seems too confusing to use for a beginner like me and reviews are either hate it or love it!

  5. Oh LOL I forgot about the limiting gc rule, stupid me, my mistake

  6. GAHHHH. you are my shopping idol!! I love how you can find all these amazing things for such a great deal :D you have marveeee taste :D

    (its twentysiix/hysteriic from soompi :P *hope you rmb me!)