Monday, March 29, 2010

Esencia Samy Styling Mousse (HG)

Finally, I've found the volumizing mousse that works well for my hair!!
About a couple of weeks ago, I saw this product at Fred Meyer, for $7.99. It caught my attention because there was not much of this product left on the shelf. Only 2 bottles left. I ended up purchasing one of them. I am a sucker for almost-sold-out products.

Esencia Styling Mousse

Information from the website:

adds volume, eliminates frizz

pomegranate, marshmallow & yarrow
Experience E•sen•cia Styling Mousse with the essence of Pomegranate to invigorate the scalp and hair, Yarrow which provides rich conditioning and Marshmallow to create weightless volume & shine. These ingredients, infused with an array of other key botanicals & extracts, combine to create a gentle formula that delivers beautiful results with every use.

Usage: Apply a small amount into palm. Rub hands together and distribute through damp hair from roots to ends. Blow dry and style as desired. For best results use in conjunction with other E•sen•cia natural products.

I was devastated when Frederick Fekkai Full Volume Mousse has been discontinued. It was my HG volumizing mousse! This hair product gives the same result as the Fekkai. It adds volume, makes my hair feels light and fluffy. I love it!! I also love that it's made of natural ingredients too.

I came back to the store the following week and bought the last bottle on the shelf. Lucky nobody bought it.
I couldn't find this product online, except on the esencia website and on eBay. I wonder if it's discontinued too.
Yesterday, I went to Rite Aid, and saw this product on the clearance section. Everything on the table was 50% off. One bottle originally costs $8.49. I ended up buying 2 more. LOL

I apply a small amount into palm. I pump it out 3 times. since I've long hair. The mousse is very light, similar to soap lather. I first apply it to the roots and then to the rest of my hair. I then blow dry my hair upside down.

- Adds volume, makes hair light and fluffy.
- It doesn't make hair feel greasy.

- It smells kinda weird. I guess it's from the pomegranate and marshmallow, and the yarrow too, maybe? .... I don't know what "yarrow" smells like LOL. But, after third application, the smell doesn't bother me anymore.
- It's probably a discontinued product.

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