Monday, March 15, 2010

Another weekend, another damage..

I went to VS on Saturday to redeem the $10 v-neck dress coupon on Saturday. I'd been waiting since Tuesday for this! The t-shirt dress is made of a very soft and comfy cotton. I think it's more suitable as a swim cover-up though. I also got one Secret Reward gift card too.


My original plan was just to go straight home after I purchased the VS dress...... but of course, I made a detour first. I went to MAC and checked out their Paints. But before I did that, I read some reviews and checked out the prices on eBay with my iPhone, at the seating area outside the store. LOL
Reviews looked good and the Paints looked pricier on eBay, so I decided to just purchase it in store instead. heheh ^_^"
At first, I wanted to get the tube kind, the Bare Canvas. But the SA said the one in the pot was better, it would last longer. The result from both looked similar, both had same price, so I went with the pot one instead.

MAC Paint Pot - $16.50

The MAC staff was right, this pot will really last forever. The product is solid, so I wont accidentally swipe too much . I really like the subtle shimmery champagne color. I usually use the UDPP Sin as a base, but the champagne shade is too strong and it's too shimmery. I like this one better. It completely brings out the shadows and really makes them appear brighter and more vibrant. It also helped stop creasing along with Urban Decay primer potion


So, after MAC, I walked back to Macy's. I parked my car at Macy's parking lot .... but, of course, I made another detour, to Macy's shoes section. Hahah. *sigh* (.__.). It's because on the Soompi forum, the "What Did You Buy Today?" thread, someone said Macy's was having 75% boots sale. Unfortunately, the boots selections were crappy. Majority of them were boots size 8 and bigger.

I found a couple of pairs of shoes on their 50%-75% clearance racks though.

Madden Girl - $12.75 (after 75% off)

These flats are really cute and comfy !! Strangely, they run small. I usually wear size 6, these flats are size 7. This is the first time I wear shoes size 7!

Then, I tried on these clogs. I'm not a clogs person. They are sooooo comfortable, with very thickly cushioned footbed. I like the heels design too, they don't like those clogs with chunky/fat heels.

Born - $45 (after 50% off)

While trying them out, I used my iPhone to read reviews of these clogs, again. hahah...
I wasn't sure if I should get them, because they are still kinda expensive even after the discount. I couldn't find reviews of these specific clogs. So, I read the general reviews on this brand on Zappos instead. Pretty great reviews, 4-5 stars out of 5. So, I decided to get them. I'm glad I bought them. They are soooo comfortable!
Once I wear them with bootcut jeans, they don't look like clogs anymore. ☺


Then today, I picked up my Kohls order at the UPS Store. It's a maxi dress!

Apt.9 Paisley Maxi Dress - $12.60 (Orig. $40)

I love that it's made of 100% cotton.The skirt part is slightly puffy because it's lined. The paisley-print is really pretty. I love the color combination.
One thing I don't like about the dress, just like other summer dresses, the bust part is too low-cut and not enough coverage for my bust size.
I don't want to return it, since it's only $13 !! So I'm planning to alter it, maybe add dark green wide satin ribbon trim on the "V" part, or sew a piece of lace fabric across the bust part.


  1. That maxi dress looks gorgeous on you, Bunny! I wish I could pull one off.

    And are the MAC Paint Pots eye primers like UDPP is? I'm thinking of switching from UDPP because the packaging is just way too annoying.

  2. @TiFF, yeah, it's a base for your eyeshadows. It has a great staying power. Check out for reviews.