Thursday, April 1, 2010

The All Nighter™ Styling Powder

Continuation of this blog entry.

On Monday, I finally received The All Nighter™ Styling Powder that I ordered from this site. It was shipped from Florida. It took a week to get here. You can purchase it on the Urban Outfitters website too.

The bottle design is the same as the baby powder bottles.
It's quite tiny, only 2.5 inches tall (minus the sifter cap), but it lasts forever since you only need to use very little of the powder to get noticeable result.

I usually wash my hair every 2 days (e.g: Wash on Monday night, and wash again on Wednesday night).
To test this product, I purposely not washed hair for 3 days.
On the third day, when I woke up in the morning, I had that "OMG, I SHOULD HAVE WASHED MY HAIR LAST NIGHT!" moment. I had limp, heavy, icky hair and scalp!

I bought the dark brown/black shade, to match my hair. The powder color is gray-ish black.

The directions recommend putting a towel on the shoulders to protect the clothes. That's one negative thing about colored powder. But, if you've got some on your shirt, the powder is easily removed just with some light patting.

I shook the powder lightly, twice at a time, into the root area in the top/front section of my hair. I “scrunched” the product and the color blended into my hair. My bangs didn't feel oily anymore!
Next, I continued with the hair on the back of my head, and the sides too.
Then, I flipped my head upside down and shook more powder into the root area, because the styling powder supposedly builds volume, just as advertised.
I also used a comb to distribute the powder evenly from front to back.

After I was done, my hair felt lighter (weight-wise) and fresher. That icky feeling was 80-90% gone. It noticeably gave volume and body to my limp hair, almost looked like I just blow-dried it.

I took the powder with me to work, just in case I had to re-apply it again. I put it in a tiny bag, just in case it'd make a mess in my handbag.

- It works. Hair feels less oily/greasy.
- Adds volume to hair.

- Have to re-apply every 3-4 hours.
- Have to protect clothes from the the powder.
- When you scratch your head, some of the powder will stuck in your nails.

Despite of the cons, I love what it does to my hair. It makes my limp and oily hair feel fresh and look nice again. It's a staple in my handbag!! ☺


  1. That's so cool Bunny :) Omg I hate that feeling of icky hair and you know it happens when I get lazy or not enough time! Good Review and why'd you blur out your pretty face x)

  2. I def have to wash my hair every night or else it gets super gross. Maybe this stuff will help???

  3. @Jenny. thanks *blush* Nah I don't like my close-ups heheh >_<

    @Christal. I think it helps a bit, you will be able to delay washing your hair extra one more day.