Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Splurge

Finally got the Urban Outfitters cuff bracelet that I ordered with my friend from WA a few weeks ago.
This cuff bracelet is the bomb!!
It is literally 1 pound heavy! It's not made of cheap plastic like Forever 21 accessories.
The detail is amazing too.
It fits kinda loose around my wrist, but if I wear it over my sleeve, as pictured, it fits perfect.

Oversized Leaf Hinge - $11.99


My dear friend also sent these too.
She went to Gilly Hicks and found out their $50-$70 scarves/shawls there were on clearance. She said she left the store carrying 3 big bags of those scarves, plus a top. LOL
She offered me 2 of them, I couldn't resist because of the price. They are really nice quality too.

About $7 each

She also told me about a cardigan sweater that she bought at the Anthropologie store. It's called "Trio Cardi," which means it can be worn 3 ways: Keep it open, button one shoulder or button both sides.
The original price of the sweater is $128, and it's on sale for $29.xx, plus tax. Sooooo I told her to buy me one too. I'm glad I did.

Trio Cardi - $29.xx + tax


I went to the mall last Saturday, to return the AE sweaters I bought last week. I also went to Victoria's Secret to redeem the VS Pink panty coupon and the Pink perfume deluxe sampler coupon (Access your Pink Nation account to print one).
I couldn't find anything cheaper than the Pink body mist. The store doesn't carry the $1.50 lollipops anymore. *sigh*

PINK lace-trimmed panty & PINK deluxe sampler - free
Pink body mist - $6


On Saturday afternoon I went to ROSS. In a mission of finding sleeveless open cardigans. I have been obsessed with sleeveless open cardigans, 'cuz they are perfect for spring/summer, they give a little oomph to plain tees or tank tops. Also, they are good cover up if you don't want to show off skin too much.
I found a couple, but I didn't like the styles. Then, I found this one, it has capped-sleeves, so it's still good. I can wear this to work too.

Drapey cardigan - $8.99

On my way to the cashier, these dark gray skinny jeans attracted my attention. The material is very soft. They fit nicely too. I ended up purchasing these too. Gesh. LOL

Dark gray skinny jeans - $16.99


On Saturday evening, hubby and I met his friend and his wife for dinner at an Italian restaurant. After dinner, we went to the TJMaxx across the street. I browsed around, didn't see anything I like, on my way out of the store, I saw this drapey sleeveless knit cardigan....just what I was looking for !! I love the "waterfall" drape.

Drapey cardigan - $14.99


  1. I think I saw this post in the 'what did you buy today thread' I don't remember the cardigan though, it's awesome !! Love anthrolopogie, I can't believe you got such a great price for it. LOL so pro

  2. That is a great deal on the Trio Cardi. I'd like it in black, but the only ones I've seen around so far are for around 100.00. :( The short sleeved drapey cardigan's cute too. Nice finds! :)

  3. I LOVE the short sleeved drapey cardi you found!! It's so cute! ^.^

  4. I love the cardigan! I have to admit, you found some incredible deals online!! :) I'll be following you on the blog. Great post!! :)