Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shopping + Baking + Planting

Pretty boring saturday....

I went to do my weekly grocery shopping. I first went to Target to buy some pantyliner and 2 pairs of Dr. Scholl's insoles. Next stop, grocery shopping. But, ...I went to Ross instead, since it's next door. I shouldn't have gone, but my feet had mind of their own. I bought another open cardigan. hahahah ^__^" I love the fabric, so sooooffttt.
I also bought a stainless steel mixing bowl and a couple kitchen stuff.



Got a mail from Old Navy. A 15% off coupon, not a good deal at all. Bleh.

But wait! There's a sticker, it says "Watch me bloom".. what is that?
I peeled it off, there's a bunch of flower seeds on it. This is soooo unusual !!! I've never seen something like this before.
Neat !! I'm gonna plant them tomorrow.


I found an iPhone application called BigOven, it has 170,000+ recipes. This application is FREE. Sooo, I tried a chocolate chip cookies recipe, the one that has the most good comments.
The result is quite a success. Yummy. Not bad for my first attempt ever of baking something from scratch. :-P
Future reference, put more chocolate chips!!


  1. Hi! Sorry for contacting you through here but I remember seeing one of your blog posts about how you were upgraded to being a VIB on Sephora and I just came across this offer:

    & I'm wondering whether you would take advantage of it because I want the bracelet but am sadly not a VIB. xD I was wondering whether you might be willing to make a purchase for me (if you're not going to use it)~ Thanks regardless. :) You can reply here if it's more convenient, I'll check back. Thanks~!

  2. Yeah, i got that email too. Sorry, I'm going to use it this Saturday.....I wonder if they keep track of it, because if not, I want to redeem it multiple times lol

  3. I think it gets recorded into your VIB account, limit one per customer in fine print? :)

    Thanks anyway! <3 Please show us your haul when you get it this Saturday~!