Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Way to Get Soft Loose Curls & Volume

I bought this Conair Instant Heat Hot Brush from Target a few weeks ago.
I came across this tool on I got tempted and bought it because of the 5 stars reviews.

It's really good to make soft wavy curls. It gives volume to my flat hair too.

Since it's a really neat tool, I've made another tutorial again, after my last one 4 years ago.
I got interested to do it because there's no video tutorial about this on youtube.

There's a 2-minute intro the beginning.... it might be hard to hear because of my heavy accent. ^_^"

The difference between a curling iron and a hot brush?

A curling iron gives the noticeable curls like this

The hot brush I'm using makes the hair wavy, kinda like the 2-days-old curls, when the curl is losing its shape. It makes hair look very fluffy and voluminous too. I guess same effect can be done with a 1.75" curling iron.

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