Monday, February 8, 2010

Early February Splurge!

So much for shopping ban oy vey.....

On monday, I got my Urban Outfitters order!

BDG Wool Bomber Jacket - $15.99 (orig. $138)

The color is as pictured. It's made of heavy and thick wool. The hood is removable. Bust area is roomy. I love the hidden rib-knit collar, it keeps my neck protected from the cold.
There's one flaw though, the upper back is very tight. I can't really hug myself, only half way. I bought 2 sizes, medium and large. The large one, the upper back is roomy, but the rest of the jacket is too large and boxy. Sooooo i'm keeping the medium one.

I still can't believe UO sold this jacket for a very low price!

Silence & Noise Strong Shoulders Tunic - $15.99 (Orig. $38)

The shoulder pads are hella weird... they don't want to stay like the modeled picture. O well, I'm returning this top. Kinda too tight on the bust and the V-neck is too low.


I purchased this pair of VS Pink corduroy jeans on eBay for $9.96 shipped last week. I love these pants a lot! They flatter my legs and I love the gray color.


About 1.5 weeks ago, my coworker and I ordered a couple of things from ASOS. We found a 20% off code on retailmenot website that could be used on clearance items. The next day, people who tried to use the code said that it only worked regular-priced items only. Phew, I guess they fixed it. Lucky us. LOL
Shipping to USA is $6, FLAT RATE. We split the shipping cost.

Scarf : $6.80 Beanie: $13.60
(plus 20% off & $3 shipping)

The scarf is really thick and big. I the purple color.

The beanie is made of 70% poly 30% wool. It's pretty nice, and the ruched detail is unique. Though, I think the quality of Korean G-market beanies is better, imo.


MAC brush cleanser - $11

I'm almost out of this cleaner. Gotta get one to clean my makeup brushes. Dirty brushes are bad for skin yo !!


A few things from Martin+Osa. I couldn't resist the 20% off + free shipping deal.

Georgette Tee - $11.96 (Orig. $39.50)

The georgette ribbons on the shoulders are nice! They make the plain tee doesn't look so plain.

Tiger Print Graphic Tee - $11.96 (Orig. $39.50)

The hand-embroidery on the tiger print is really cool. Love it !

Essential Solid V-neck tee - $7.96 each (Orig. $24.50)

The tee is nice.The V-neck is slightly low-cut.
The white tee is semi-sheer. Why is it so hard finding a white tee that's not sheer !?!?!


Avalon Organics Shampoo, Biotin B-Complex, Thickening 14 oz. (Pack of 3) - $11.85 shipped

My HG shampoo!!
Finally Amazon Prime deal for this product is up again.
I'm stocking up since they aren't available in stores.They are originally $26.85. I partially paid them with gift cards. (Swagbucks FTW)

Another thing, I have very weak nails. Biotin pills didn't work. Nail strengthener doesn't help much.
Somehow, since I've been using this shampoo, my nails are stronger and now they are long enough for french manicure tips. Hmmmm...maybe because the biotin from the shampoo seeps into my nails when I'm washing my hair. Yah, maybe I'm just imagining things haha.


  1. Hi sweetie! I received my jacket!! :D I <3 it, thanks again for sharing the awesome code with us! I was eyeing the EXACT same jacket too (the blue one you bought because the price is insane...$138 to $15?!)! But ended up not buying it because a penny saved is a penny earned~ Keke.

    I bought some items from Sephora and was ecstatic to find that mrrebates ALSO credited me back in addition to You saved me so much money! ^___^ Can't thank you enough. I'll definitely link you from my blog when I make a post about the Urban Outfitter jacket.

    If you're going to the VS exclusive party, please blog about it~ I can't go as I'm without a car and a 2 hour bus ride away from a VS. Ack. xD

  2. If you have extra time, can you model the georgette tee? OMG also, I almost pulled through this time with swagbucks so I will get an amazon gift card soon, meaning (through your referral) you will too. I think I'm at 42 points, took forever since I search only like once a day in the morning and I wait for someone to post a code and that's about it. Does biotin make a conditioner as well?

  3. @sunniipinky:
    Glad you like the jacket! :) Ohhh You can combine mrrebates and Bing? That's great! I should sign up then! Because eBates+Bing doesn't work anymore.
    I went to Pink Private Party last year. It wasn't that great, at least only at my store. Others seemed having a good time. They only offered 10% discount too.

    You can read more about it here:

    Wow 42 points! Good job! :) Yeah I got points from my referrals. Thanks!
    I posted the modeled picture of the Georgette tee.
    Yeah Biotin makes conditioner too. It's great. It doesn't weigh my hair down and hair feels soft after. Click the label/shortcut "Avalon Biotin" to see all my posts about it.

  4. thank you, my mistake I should have checked the labels first ... but why read when you can bother others with your questions right XD The tee looks nice, not plain.

  5. @@Daphne: Yeah! :) Btw, if you want to get anything from M+O, they are having 20% off anything + free shipping until feb 15th code: 34197998

  6. Hi! I completely messed up on my post, it's eBates & Bing! I'm not sure how but I got the rebate. What I did was I opened the page using eBates, clicked around for a bit, went to Bing and opened Sephora and it somehow credited. O.O I'll try it out again next time and tell you for sure! I'm typing up a post right now and will link you back. ^___^