Sunday, February 14, 2010


I went to American Eagle store this weekend and used my AE 40% off All Access Pass. It was my last one, I will never get 40% off anymore, because AE has changed their points reward system this year. I have to buy $500 worth of clothes if I want to get 40% off coupon next time. SUCKS! *sigh*

+ a men sweater, not shown

$8.38 EACH
($19.95 + extra 30% off clearance + 40% AAP)

($19.95 + extra 30% off clearance + 40% AAP)

($19.95 + extra 30% off clearance + 40% AAP)

The sale in store is SO much better. The clothes there are $10-15 cheaper than the online price.
I checked the prices online, the men sweater is $25, the gray and white sweaters are $35 each and the blue top is $29.50.

I bought this cropped-sweatpants online. I also bought the gray and white sweaters above too, for $12 more EACH!! I'm going to return them once I get them.

$14.70 (after 40% AAP)


A couple of things I bought from Old Navy site.

Distressed denim jacket - $34.50

I like the denim jacket, it's like light blue-ish grey. I'd been looking for a denim jacket that I can wear with blue jeans.

Belted shirtdress (blue) - $29.50

I'm bummed about the dress. I didn't realize I bought the wrong color. I wanted the one on the right. :(
The blue is nice too, but I already have too many blue dresses (._.)
Not sure if I want to keep or not.

Total: $20.70 shipped
plus $2.74 Bing cashback (pending)

I found a bunch of stackable Old Navy codes on Slickdeals last week, here.
Four codes, plus my $10 Reward card!!
FIVE codes total!! My best code-stacking record ever! XD

ONGET30 - 30% off one regular-priced item (exp. 2/18)

ONGET40 - 40% off one regular-priced item (exp. 2/18)

5FORCARD - $5 off $20 (exp. 2/16)

THANKYOU - $10 off (exp. June)


In order to use these codes, you need to pay with the Old Navy credit card. I think the THANKYOU one works if you use GAP or BR credit card. Check the thread I linked above for more details.

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