Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shopping + Baking + Planting

Pretty boring saturday....

I went to do my weekly grocery shopping. I first went to Target to buy some pantyliner and 2 pairs of Dr. Scholl's insoles. Next stop, grocery shopping. But, ...I went to Ross instead, since it's next door. I shouldn't have gone, but my feet had mind of their own. I bought another open cardigan. hahahah ^__^" I love the fabric, so sooooffttt.
I also bought a stainless steel mixing bowl and a couple kitchen stuff.



Got a mail from Old Navy. A 15% off coupon, not a good deal at all. Bleh.

But wait! There's a sticker, it says "Watch me bloom".. what is that?
I peeled it off, there's a bunch of flower seeds on it. This is soooo unusual !!! I've never seen something like this before.
Neat !! I'm gonna plant them tomorrow.


I found an iPhone application called BigOven, it has 170,000+ recipes. This application is FREE. Sooo, I tried a chocolate chip cookies recipe, the one that has the most good comments.
The result is quite a success. Yummy. Not bad for my first attempt ever of baking something from scratch. :-P
Future reference, put more chocolate chips!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Splurge

Finally got the Urban Outfitters cuff bracelet that I ordered with my friend from WA a few weeks ago.
This cuff bracelet is the bomb!!
It is literally 1 pound heavy! It's not made of cheap plastic like Forever 21 accessories.
The detail is amazing too.
It fits kinda loose around my wrist, but if I wear it over my sleeve, as pictured, it fits perfect.

Oversized Leaf Hinge - $11.99


My dear friend also sent these too.
She went to Gilly Hicks and found out their $50-$70 scarves/shawls there were on clearance. She said she left the store carrying 3 big bags of those scarves, plus a top. LOL
She offered me 2 of them, I couldn't resist because of the price. They are really nice quality too.

About $7 each

She also told me about a cardigan sweater that she bought at the Anthropologie store. It's called "Trio Cardi," which means it can be worn 3 ways: Keep it open, button one shoulder or button both sides.
The original price of the sweater is $128, and it's on sale for $29.xx, plus tax. Sooooo I told her to buy me one too. I'm glad I did.

Trio Cardi - $29.xx + tax


I went to the mall last Saturday, to return the AE sweaters I bought last week. I also went to Victoria's Secret to redeem the VS Pink panty coupon and the Pink perfume deluxe sampler coupon (Access your Pink Nation account to print one).
I couldn't find anything cheaper than the Pink body mist. The store doesn't carry the $1.50 lollipops anymore. *sigh*

PINK lace-trimmed panty & PINK deluxe sampler - free
Pink body mist - $6


On Saturday afternoon I went to ROSS. In a mission of finding sleeveless open cardigans. I have been obsessed with sleeveless open cardigans, 'cuz they are perfect for spring/summer, they give a little oomph to plain tees or tank tops. Also, they are good cover up if you don't want to show off skin too much.
I found a couple, but I didn't like the styles. Then, I found this one, it has capped-sleeves, so it's still good. I can wear this to work too.

Drapey cardigan - $8.99

On my way to the cashier, these dark gray skinny jeans attracted my attention. The material is very soft. They fit nicely too. I ended up purchasing these too. Gesh. LOL

Dark gray skinny jeans - $16.99


On Saturday evening, hubby and I met his friend and his wife for dinner at an Italian restaurant. After dinner, we went to the TJMaxx across the street. I browsed around, didn't see anything I like, on my way out of the store, I saw this drapey sleeveless knit cardigan....just what I was looking for !! I love the "waterfall" drape.

Drapey cardigan - $14.99

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Way to Get Soft Loose Curls & Volume

I bought this Conair Instant Heat Hot Brush from Target a few weeks ago.
I came across this tool on I got tempted and bought it because of the 5 stars reviews.

It's really good to make soft wavy curls. It gives volume to my flat hair too.

Since it's a really neat tool, I've made another tutorial again, after my last one 4 years ago.
I got interested to do it because there's no video tutorial about this on youtube.

There's a 2-minute intro the beginning.... it might be hard to hear because of my heavy accent. ^_^"

The difference between a curling iron and a hot brush?

A curling iron gives the noticeable curls like this

The hot brush I'm using makes the hair wavy, kinda like the 2-days-old curls, when the curl is losing its shape. It makes hair look very fluffy and voluminous too. I guess same effect can be done with a 1.75" curling iron.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I went to American Eagle store this weekend and used my AE 40% off All Access Pass. It was my last one, I will never get 40% off anymore, because AE has changed their points reward system this year. I have to buy $500 worth of clothes if I want to get 40% off coupon next time. SUCKS! *sigh*

+ a men sweater, not shown

$8.38 EACH
($19.95 + extra 30% off clearance + 40% AAP)

($19.95 + extra 30% off clearance + 40% AAP)

($19.95 + extra 30% off clearance + 40% AAP)

The sale in store is SO much better. The clothes there are $10-15 cheaper than the online price.
I checked the prices online, the men sweater is $25, the gray and white sweaters are $35 each and the blue top is $29.50.

I bought this cropped-sweatpants online. I also bought the gray and white sweaters above too, for $12 more EACH!! I'm going to return them once I get them.

$14.70 (after 40% AAP)


A couple of things I bought from Old Navy site.

Distressed denim jacket - $34.50

I like the denim jacket, it's like light blue-ish grey. I'd been looking for a denim jacket that I can wear with blue jeans.

Belted shirtdress (blue) - $29.50

I'm bummed about the dress. I didn't realize I bought the wrong color. I wanted the one on the right. :(
The blue is nice too, but I already have too many blue dresses (._.)
Not sure if I want to keep or not.

Total: $20.70 shipped
plus $2.74 Bing cashback (pending)

I found a bunch of stackable Old Navy codes on Slickdeals last week, here.
Four codes, plus my $10 Reward card!!
FIVE codes total!! My best code-stacking record ever! XD

ONGET30 - 30% off one regular-priced item (exp. 2/18)

ONGET40 - 40% off one regular-priced item (exp. 2/18)

5FORCARD - $5 off $20 (exp. 2/16)

THANKYOU - $10 off (exp. June)


In order to use these codes, you need to pay with the Old Navy credit card. I think the THANKYOU one works if you use GAP or BR credit card. Check the thread I linked above for more details.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Early February Splurge!

So much for shopping ban oy vey.....

On monday, I got my Urban Outfitters order!

BDG Wool Bomber Jacket - $15.99 (orig. $138)

The color is as pictured. It's made of heavy and thick wool. The hood is removable. Bust area is roomy. I love the hidden rib-knit collar, it keeps my neck protected from the cold.
There's one flaw though, the upper back is very tight. I can't really hug myself, only half way. I bought 2 sizes, medium and large. The large one, the upper back is roomy, but the rest of the jacket is too large and boxy. Sooooo i'm keeping the medium one.

I still can't believe UO sold this jacket for a very low price!

Silence & Noise Strong Shoulders Tunic - $15.99 (Orig. $38)

The shoulder pads are hella weird... they don't want to stay like the modeled picture. O well, I'm returning this top. Kinda too tight on the bust and the V-neck is too low.


I purchased this pair of VS Pink corduroy jeans on eBay for $9.96 shipped last week. I love these pants a lot! They flatter my legs and I love the gray color.


About 1.5 weeks ago, my coworker and I ordered a couple of things from ASOS. We found a 20% off code on retailmenot website that could be used on clearance items. The next day, people who tried to use the code said that it only worked regular-priced items only. Phew, I guess they fixed it. Lucky us. LOL
Shipping to USA is $6, FLAT RATE. We split the shipping cost.

Scarf : $6.80 Beanie: $13.60
(plus 20% off & $3 shipping)

The scarf is really thick and big. I the purple color.

The beanie is made of 70% poly 30% wool. It's pretty nice, and the ruched detail is unique. Though, I think the quality of Korean G-market beanies is better, imo.


MAC brush cleanser - $11

I'm almost out of this cleaner. Gotta get one to clean my makeup brushes. Dirty brushes are bad for skin yo !!


A few things from Martin+Osa. I couldn't resist the 20% off + free shipping deal.

Georgette Tee - $11.96 (Orig. $39.50)

The georgette ribbons on the shoulders are nice! They make the plain tee doesn't look so plain.

Tiger Print Graphic Tee - $11.96 (Orig. $39.50)

The hand-embroidery on the tiger print is really cool. Love it !

Essential Solid V-neck tee - $7.96 each (Orig. $24.50)

The tee is nice.The V-neck is slightly low-cut.
The white tee is semi-sheer. Why is it so hard finding a white tee that's not sheer !?!?!


Avalon Organics Shampoo, Biotin B-Complex, Thickening 14 oz. (Pack of 3) - $11.85 shipped

My HG shampoo!!
Finally Amazon Prime deal for this product is up again.
I'm stocking up since they aren't available in stores.They are originally $26.85. I partially paid them with gift cards. (Swagbucks FTW)

Another thing, I have very weak nails. Biotin pills didn't work. Nail strengthener doesn't help much.
Somehow, since I've been using this shampoo, my nails are stronger and now they are long enough for french manicure tips. Hmmmm...maybe because the biotin from the shampoo seeps into my nails when I'm washing my hair. Yah, maybe I'm just imagining things haha.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Shoes, Eyebrow Wax Strips + REBATE CHECK !!

A couple of things came in the mail this week.

Sam Edelman OKI - $24.75 + s/h

I was in the mood for shoe shopping, and went to to check out their current deals. I came across these sandals. I was attracted to them instantly because they look cute and SOOO comfortable. Perfect for summer!
These sandals got very good reviews on Zappos Canada (OOS on Zappos USA). I ordered them on Friday afternoon, and arrived on Monday. So fast! When you're ordering from this site, pick Priority Mail instead of UPS. It's SO much faster! ☺

They look pretty chunky in real life, because of the thick platforms. I think they wouldn't look good on wide feet. The rectangle-shaped leather decoration makes feet look wide. One reviewer on Zappos Canada said the same thing. Luckily, they look fine on me since I have small feet.

Overall, I'm happy about this purchase. I love the crisscross straps design, and the details on the edges. The suede leather cushion is really comfortable and they have nice arch support.


Parissa Wax Strips Mini Eyebrows Design @ $8.69 each

I bought them from, for $26.07 shipped.
I earned $5.21 (pending) Bing cashback. Yay!

I bought multiple because the only grocery store that carries this brand doesn't have them in stock anymore. So, I ended up buying a different brand, .... big mistake... The wax strips I bought had poor design. The wax was transparent. I accidentally placed the strip too close to my eyebrow, now that eyebrow has a bald spot! (=__=)
Good thing that eyebrow is covered by my side bangs and I'm able to fill in the bald spot with a pencil eyeliner. *sigh*


I received my Olay Quench rebate check in the mail today!!

I purchased the Olay Quench lotions in the beginning of January (Blog). I mailed out the rebate form + receipts on January 4th. So the processing time's only a month !! Yay free lotions!

Have a good weekend !!