Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter splurge and Biotin shampoo

Soooo last week, I went to TJMaxx with my hubby and sister, and I bought this open cardigan. I really like the sleeves, the top half is slightly puffy. The sleeves style is similar to this Juicy hoodie one that I posted on Dec 26th blog. =)



Last weekend, I ordered a couple of v-neck long-sleeves tees from Victoria's Secret. I didn't want to buy anymore clothes, but I still had a $10 Angel Reward and TWO $10 off $25 coupons I didn't want to waste. Haha (.__.)

These tees are $17.50 each or two for $25. After the $10 Angel Reward and the $10/$25 coupon, they are just $10.99 shipped. I gave away the other $10/$25 coupon.

I also ordered this VS Undies panty (heather grey), it's FREE after a coupon. I ❤ coupons!


Got a couple of things in the mail today. ☺

I bought these pairs on DSW site last week. They mailed me a $10 certificate and a $5 coupon. I tried to give them away, since I didn't want to shop anymore. Unfortunately, these coupons were tied to my account, so nobody could use them. I didn't want to waste them, so I picked a couple of things from their clearance section.

I really like the kitten heels. I have a thing for reptile. They are comfortable too.
The flats, cute color and plaid pattern, but I don't like them much because they show toe cleavage. I think I'll try selling them on eBay when the spring season is near.

Kelly & Katie Twisted Up Reptile Sandal - $9.94 (Oirg. $45)

Madden Girl Hexxx Argyle Flat - $9.94 (Orig. $50)

Total: $12.83 shipped.


I ordered a jacket from Urban Outfitters site last week, there's the 25% off deal.
All because of my friend and her UO jacket (Pic
). She has the red one.
It's very warm and the huge hood is so cool!

Silent & Noise Hooded Jacket - $67.49 shipped (Orig. $128)


So, last weekend I browsed around natural products on I came across this organic shampoo. It's called "Avalon Organics Shampoo, Thickening, Biotin B-Complex." It's made of natural ingredients and no SLS too. It got pretty good reviews on Drugstore and Amazon sites.
I'm tired of having hair all over the floor and clogging my vacuum cleaner, the Biotin pills didn't work for me. So, why not try something that I can apply right to the source of the problem? I ordered one from Amazon for $9.79 shipped, pretty cheap. I'll get it tomorrow (free 2-day shipping since I've the Amazon Prime membership). I hope it works well. *crossed fingers*


By the way, you probably will be seeing less blog updates from now on.
I've decided to cut down spending. No more clothes/shoes shopping !! Why? I'm planning to buy something in a few months. It will cost me a fortune. Yeahhhh....

Yesterday, Free People was having 25% off of sale items, plus free shipping (sign up for their e-newsletter). There's this sweater, original price $78, it's only $14.96 shipped after the discount! I didn't get it because I really want to save money. It hurts! LOL

Me... the shopaholic... let see how long I will last, shall we? XD


  1. I feel the same way, the pain I mean of having to look away from great deals I see. I'm on shopping ban to save up for some big buys down the road too.

  2. Dang ! I love your posts XD...luckily I feel you will not last very long jk ;P

  3. I feel you Bunny! I'm trying to save enough money to study abroad, but not having luck. Spring's coming, and I want some new spring shoes :( A new spring outfit or two would be nice too.

    Good luck on your shopping ban though! Hope you'll be more successful than me ^^;;

  4. @Hana: Good luck to you!
    @Daphne: LOL thanks XD
    @Tiff Tums: Wow study abroad!That's a tough one, it costs a lot of money. :( Good luck to you too! Woohooo Spring! I hope there won't be any more shoes/sandals/clothes that tempt me. I have around 3-4... maybe 5 pairs .. I forgot LOL.. that I bought during last spring/summer sale that I haven't worn. ^^"