Sunday, January 17, 2010

VS Haul & Reviews

I received the VS tees that I mentioned on my previous blog entry. I'm happy with them! The colors are as pictured. The fabric is thick and they fit nicely. My bust circumference is 37 inches, the size medium fits just as modeled.


Victoria's Secret Pink has released new Pink dogs, this time floral prints. They are free with any Pink purchase.

Credit: eBay

My VS Pink haul... Ya ya... I'm supposed to be on a shopping ban, but in my defense, I have credits on my VS Angel CC account. I returned $80-90 worth of items last week. I returned a dress that I was sure that I'd never have the time to wear it and two Semi Annual Sale bras that didn't fit me right. :-P

Tee - $4.99 (Orig. $22.50)
Sweatpants - $4.99 (Orig. $34.50)
(2) Pink dogs - Free

Thanks to the $10 Pink coupon (pic) that I got from playing the Pink slot machine game last month, I was able to get these clothes for super cheap!
I made separate trips & purchases so that I could use the $10 off coupon on each of them.

Yah, I am sort of collecting the Pink dogs. I don't have many since I just started 3 years ago and I only buy when I have the chance to get one.
I wish I could buy the metallic one in other colors, they came in 6 diff colors. There's nothing cheap in stores that's worth to buy beside the $9.50 panties. It sucks that the stores here don't carry the $1.50 lollipops anymore. I love their lollipops, big and yummy.... (=_=)

My favorite is the red plaid one ❤. I started collecting the dogs because of that one.
They are sort of scary looking sometimes, because they have no eyes. LOL

Some people collect these Pink dogs very seriously.
Check out this eBay auction on a rare Pink dog. The final price will totally make your jaw drop.


So, about the Biotin shampoo that I posted on the previous blog. I used it 3 times, and I love it! I used to use the Organix shampoo because it doesn't have Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), but it has Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, which is the gentler version of SLS.

You can read more about SLS here and here.

Organix shampoo is good, but this shampoo is better !! This shampoo is made of natural ingredients and totally SLS free. The amount of hair on the shower floor and when I'm combing my hair is noticeably lesser than when I used the Organix. It also makes my hair more voluminous. I probably will buy the conditioner too in the future. I still have to finish the Organix conditioner first. You can buy it on websites such as or for $8-9 shipped. If you know a drugstore that carries this shampoo, please let me know! Muchas Gracias! ☺

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  1. thanks for the tip on the shampoo. I desperately need hair thickening shampoo-- been using various brands, but none really seem to do the trick. Guess I'm gonna be trying this one out ><