Saturday, January 30, 2010


Urban outfitters 20% off $50 with code THINKSPRING, until Feb 14th.
eBates - 2.5% cashback

UO is currently having unbelievable sale right now, $9.99 tops, $29.99 outerwears, etc.

I'm so bummed!! The hooded jacket I got beginning of the month for $67 (Blog) now is on sale for $29.99. AGHHhH !!
I can't return it, since I already used the invoice to return other things that I purchased together with that jacket. Also my 30-day deadline is over. O well. Hahaha :(
You should get that jacket. It's my favorite jacket ever! The huge hood is awesome and unique!!

I won't get anything (i'm trying to), since my walk-in closet is maxed-out T_T



  1. Thanks for the tip! My roommate and I both grabbed that jacket for less than $30 shipped each (& that's with tax too! I honestly dislike tax with a passion, hence...yay ASIA!). I've been following your blog for a while but never took the time to say hi (I apologize~ xD). But here it is, HI! & thank you for this and all of your previous tips on shopping too! <3

  2. Hi sunnii! Thanks for always dropping by! :)
    I hope you like the jacket as much as I do.
    I bought another jacket! I caved-in. $138 jacket for $15.99, it's too good of a deal to pass up >_<

  3. I also bought the jacket along with 2 tees for my bf :) Thanks so much for the codes and shopping tips. <3 keep doing what you do!

  4. omg.. This was so bad yet so good. Making my wallet very sad and impulse shopping.. Ended up buying 8 things (including the jacket you bought!) for a total of $153 and free shipping after that code.
    Thanks.. >_<
    Can't wait til it comes in though, excitedd!! (: