Monday, January 25, 2010

Karmaloop $10 off code

Karmaloop $10 off (no minimum purchase)
code: CONT2009
Expiration date is unknown

and don't forget to go through eBates to get 6% cashback.

I bought a pair of Betsey Johnson (Value $45) that's on sale. After the code, they only cost $15.xx shipped! Good deal!! I bought them for a birthday present. It's still awhile, but it's too good of a deal to pass up. You should check them out, very cute/pretty and affordable.


  1. I personally like her jewelry style and ideas, but the materials are so crappy (for the price, at least).
    My ears are super sensitive, so I need to wear 14K gold filled or sterling silver... or even white gold. I made the mistake of getting a pair of these once. God. What a disaster. Pus everywhere (sorry, I know that's gross) I ended up replacing the hooks with my own -_-

  2. Aaaaww wow that sucks :( My sister only can wear earring made of certain kind material too.
    Yah, my friend once bought a pair of BJ from Karmaloop, she said she loved them, and she loves cute accessories, so I thought they'd be perfect for her. >_<