Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Purchases of 2010!

I hope ya'll have a great new year ☺

So, one of my first purchases of the year are Dr Scholl's insoles and Olay products!

This is my second purchase of Dr Scholl's For Her Comfort insoles. They make my shoes feel more comfortable to walk in.

I bought them at Target, for around $7.64. If you want to get them, get them at Walmart or Target. Other stores such as Fred Meyer or Safeway, they sell them for $9.99+.

I love Olay moisturizer. From all moisturizers I tried in the past, such as Lancome, Shiseido, Clinique, Aveeno, and Garnier Nutrisse, the Olay moisturizers are the most compatible with my skin.
The Olay Complete is for daytime, and the Olay Night of Olay is for nighttime.
They are pretty cheap, around $7-8 each.

The Olay Quench, I bought them just because they are FREE after rebate.
One household can request TWO rebates. So you can buy two of the Quench lotion and get rebates for both. It smells nice.

You can download and print the form here.


Bought this babydoll top from a local store in downtown for $18. It's an impulse ^_^"


I bought this "waist slimming belt" from TJMaxx for $5.99. It traps body heat and aids in shedding water weight.
I wear this when I'm working out. After 30 mins, my midsection is soaking wet.


Previews of the things I purchased much for shopping ban.