Saturday, January 30, 2010

Random Beauty things & M+O Cardigan

Martin + Osa $19.96

I'm kinda crazy about cardigans right now, since my workplace temperature is unstable. Sometimes it feels warm, other times it feels hella cold. I wear a tee under the cardigan. So I can take it off when it's warm.

I saw this cardigan on Martin + Osa site. I like this cardigan a lot. It's slimming, warm, and very nice quality. I love the small details of the cardigan, like the wide band on the waist and the buttons on the wrist. You can see it better on the website here.

I got it in dark navy. I wish the 'rococo purple' or 'gustav green' was available in my size.


Shu Uemura brush cleaner - $13
Deap Sea Water Facial Mist Spray in chamomile sample

So, I had been very frustated about my liquid foundation brush. It's SO hard to clean! Revlon ColorStay foundation is really tough to remove. The MAC brush cleaner doesn't work that well. The brush still feels stiff and dirty.

This Shu Uemura cleanser is super! A little goes a long way. It's stronger, but it's still gentle. It doesn't damage the brush.
I got the brush cleaner on Shu Uemura site, since the Nordstrom here doesn't carry it. There's a free shipping code on retailmenot site.

They offer 3 samples, as you can see from the sample I picked, the size is very generous.


VS Cotton Panty - Free
3 Avalon Organics Conditioner , Biotin B-Complex, Thickening 14 oz - $3.07 shipped

Finally Victoria's Secret mailed me free VS Cotton panty that was backordered for 3 weeks! It's free with any purchase, for VS Angel Card holder only. I didn't mind waiting, since it's free.

The 3 bottles of Biotin Conditioners, I got them for cheap because I used gift cards. I had leftover credit on my account, I also used $10 worth of e-gift cards that I earned from SWAGBUCKS. That site rocks!

I bought the Avalon shampoo 2 weeks ago (Blog). I love what it's done to my hair, so I decided to get the conditioner too. I bought the 3-pack since it's much cheaper than buying individually, from this seller.
If you are interested in getting them, AND you have Amazon Prime membership, wait until the seller has them available for the Amazon Prime members, they are much cheaper, plus free 2-day shipping.

The conditioner is great. It's light, it doesn't weigh my hair down, and it makes hair feel soft/silky.

I'm currently waiting for the Biotin shampoo (Pack of 3) to be available for Amazon Prime members again. Last Monday, it's sold out within a day, for real. I woke up in the morning, it's still in-stock. The end of the day, when I was going to purchase, there's none left.


Urban outfitters 20% off $50 with code THINKSPRING, until Feb 14th.
eBates - 2.5% cashback

UO is currently having unbelievable sale right now, $9.99 tops, $29.99 outerwears, etc.

I'm so bummed!! The hooded jacket I got beginning of the month for $67 (Blog) now is on sale for $29.99. AGHHhH !!
I can't return it, since I already used the invoice to return other things that I purchased together with that jacket. Also my 30-day deadline is over. O well. Hahaha :(
You should get that jacket. It's my favorite jacket ever! The huge hood is awesome and unique!!

I won't get anything (i'm trying to), since my walk-in closet is maxed-out T_T


Monday, January 25, 2010

Karmaloop $10 off code

Karmaloop $10 off (no minimum purchase)
code: CONT2009
Expiration date is unknown

and don't forget to go through eBates to get 6% cashback.

I bought a pair of Betsey Johnson (Value $45) that's on sale. After the code, they only cost $15.xx shipped! Good deal!! I bought them for a birthday present. It's still awhile, but it's too good of a deal to pass up. You should check them out, very cute/pretty and affordable.

Easy way to get $5 Amazon e-gift card, etc. (=SWAGBUCKS)



SWAGBUCKS is like "virtual" or "cyber" money that you accumulate in return for using the SWAGBUCKS search engine on our browser.

You are randomly awarded "SWAGBUCKS" points occasionally during the course of the day when you perform searches using the SWAGBUCKS search engine. You can get minimum 10 SWAGBUCKS per search.

When you accumulate enough SWAGBUCKS points, you can redeem them for real merchandise or gift cards.

The most popular prize is the $5 Amazon e-gift card. You only need 450 SWAGBUCKS points. If you get 30-50 points per day, you should be able to get one $5 e-gift card within 2 weeks.

I was able to earn TWO $5 Amazon e-Giftcards* within 2 weeks, just by searching random things during the course of the day using the SWAGBUCKS search engine. Yah, I'm addicted to this site!

If those dates fall on the weekend, they will give the GCs on Monday.

FYI, you won't be rewarded with tons of SWAGBUCKS for typing in crazy amount of searches for short amount of time. The rewards are random over the course of the day. So the most effective strategy is to use to search 4-5 times, and then you stop. You try again 30 mins to an hour later. If you overuse the search engine, SWAGBUCKS system detects "unnatural" search habits, and it will show you the rule screen. When that happens, It won't let you search for awhile, about an hour (or more). It will just take you to the rules screen. If you get the rules screen too often, your account will be deactivated.

If you are having problem getting SWAGBUCKS points, I usually go to this Slickdeals thread. When the members there are able to find keywords that can generate SWAGBUCKS, they share them on that thread. Sometimes you can earn too by using those same keywords.


Search & Win


Sunday, January 17, 2010

VS Haul & Reviews

I received the VS tees that I mentioned on my previous blog entry. I'm happy with them! The colors are as pictured. The fabric is thick and they fit nicely. My bust circumference is 37 inches, the size medium fits just as modeled.


Victoria's Secret Pink has released new Pink dogs, this time floral prints. They are free with any Pink purchase.

Credit: eBay

My VS Pink haul... Ya ya... I'm supposed to be on a shopping ban, but in my defense, I have credits on my VS Angel CC account. I returned $80-90 worth of items last week. I returned a dress that I was sure that I'd never have the time to wear it and two Semi Annual Sale bras that didn't fit me right. :-P

Tee - $4.99 (Orig. $22.50)
Sweatpants - $4.99 (Orig. $34.50)
(2) Pink dogs - Free

Thanks to the $10 Pink coupon (pic) that I got from playing the Pink slot machine game last month, I was able to get these clothes for super cheap!
I made separate trips & purchases so that I could use the $10 off coupon on each of them.

Yah, I am sort of collecting the Pink dogs. I don't have many since I just started 3 years ago and I only buy when I have the chance to get one.
I wish I could buy the metallic one in other colors, they came in 6 diff colors. There's nothing cheap in stores that's worth to buy beside the $9.50 panties. It sucks that the stores here don't carry the $1.50 lollipops anymore. I love their lollipops, big and yummy.... (=_=)

My favorite is the red plaid one ❤. I started collecting the dogs because of that one.
They are sort of scary looking sometimes, because they have no eyes. LOL

Some people collect these Pink dogs very seriously.
Check out this eBay auction on a rare Pink dog. The final price will totally make your jaw drop.


So, about the Biotin shampoo that I posted on the previous blog. I used it 3 times, and I love it! I used to use the Organix shampoo because it doesn't have Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), but it has Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, which is the gentler version of SLS.

You can read more about SLS here and here.

Organix shampoo is good, but this shampoo is better !! This shampoo is made of natural ingredients and totally SLS free. The amount of hair on the shower floor and when I'm combing my hair is noticeably lesser than when I used the Organix. It also makes my hair more voluminous. I probably will buy the conditioner too in the future. I still have to finish the Organix conditioner first. You can buy it on websites such as or for $8-9 shipped. If you know a drugstore that carries this shampoo, please let me know! Muchas Gracias! ☺

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter splurge and Biotin shampoo

Soooo last week, I went to TJMaxx with my hubby and sister, and I bought this open cardigan. I really like the sleeves, the top half is slightly puffy. The sleeves style is similar to this Juicy hoodie one that I posted on Dec 26th blog. =)



Last weekend, I ordered a couple of v-neck long-sleeves tees from Victoria's Secret. I didn't want to buy anymore clothes, but I still had a $10 Angel Reward and TWO $10 off $25 coupons I didn't want to waste. Haha (.__.)

These tees are $17.50 each or two for $25. After the $10 Angel Reward and the $10/$25 coupon, they are just $10.99 shipped. I gave away the other $10/$25 coupon.

I also ordered this VS Undies panty (heather grey), it's FREE after a coupon. I ❤ coupons!


Got a couple of things in the mail today. ☺

I bought these pairs on DSW site last week. They mailed me a $10 certificate and a $5 coupon. I tried to give them away, since I didn't want to shop anymore. Unfortunately, these coupons were tied to my account, so nobody could use them. I didn't want to waste them, so I picked a couple of things from their clearance section.

I really like the kitten heels. I have a thing for reptile. They are comfortable too.
The flats, cute color and plaid pattern, but I don't like them much because they show toe cleavage. I think I'll try selling them on eBay when the spring season is near.

Kelly & Katie Twisted Up Reptile Sandal - $9.94 (Oirg. $45)

Madden Girl Hexxx Argyle Flat - $9.94 (Orig. $50)

Total: $12.83 shipped.


I ordered a jacket from Urban Outfitters site last week, there's the 25% off deal.
All because of my friend and her UO jacket (Pic
). She has the red one.
It's very warm and the huge hood is so cool!

Silent & Noise Hooded Jacket - $67.49 shipped (Orig. $128)


So, last weekend I browsed around natural products on I came across this organic shampoo. It's called "Avalon Organics Shampoo, Thickening, Biotin B-Complex." It's made of natural ingredients and no SLS too. It got pretty good reviews on Drugstore and Amazon sites.
I'm tired of having hair all over the floor and clogging my vacuum cleaner, the Biotin pills didn't work for me. So, why not try something that I can apply right to the source of the problem? I ordered one from Amazon for $9.79 shipped, pretty cheap. I'll get it tomorrow (free 2-day shipping since I've the Amazon Prime membership). I hope it works well. *crossed fingers*


By the way, you probably will be seeing less blog updates from now on.
I've decided to cut down spending. No more clothes/shoes shopping !! Why? I'm planning to buy something in a few months. It will cost me a fortune. Yeahhhh....

Yesterday, Free People was having 25% off of sale items, plus free shipping (sign up for their e-newsletter). There's this sweater, original price $78, it's only $14.96 shipped after the discount! I didn't get it because I really want to save money. It hurts! LOL

Me... the shopaholic... let see how long I will last, shall we? XD

Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Purchases of 2010!

I hope ya'll have a great new year ☺

So, one of my first purchases of the year are Dr Scholl's insoles and Olay products!

This is my second purchase of Dr Scholl's For Her Comfort insoles. They make my shoes feel more comfortable to walk in.

I bought them at Target, for around $7.64. If you want to get them, get them at Walmart or Target. Other stores such as Fred Meyer or Safeway, they sell them for $9.99+.

I love Olay moisturizer. From all moisturizers I tried in the past, such as Lancome, Shiseido, Clinique, Aveeno, and Garnier Nutrisse, the Olay moisturizers are the most compatible with my skin.
The Olay Complete is for daytime, and the Olay Night of Olay is for nighttime.
They are pretty cheap, around $7-8 each.

The Olay Quench, I bought them just because they are FREE after rebate.
One household can request TWO rebates. So you can buy two of the Quench lotion and get rebates for both. It smells nice.

You can download and print the form here.


Bought this babydoll top from a local store in downtown for $18. It's an impulse ^_^"


I bought this "waist slimming belt" from TJMaxx for $5.99. It traps body heat and aids in shedding water weight.
I wear this when I'm working out. After 30 mins, my midsection is soaking wet.


Previews of the things I purchased much for shopping ban.