Saturday, December 26, 2009

Vegas Trip + Holiday Shopping

Soooo this month, I am SOOOOOOO overbudget,.... because I bought a roundtrip ticket and booked a room at a hotel in Las Vegas for 4 days+3 nights. LOL
Two weeks ago, my BFF told me that she and her sister+bf were planning to stay in LV from Dec 21st to 24th. She said I should come too.
Yah, since I hadn't taken any vacation this year and my hubby encouraged me to go, so, why not! The ticket was quite expensive since it's booked last minute, but it's worth it. It was fun! We walked around the strip and shopped till we dropped! Well, most of the time we were only window shopping, since everything there was so expensive. We didn't gamble/drink, since she's still 20 y.o. LOL


The first thing I bought in LV was a pair of star-shape earrings, made of genuine coconut shell. I saw them when we were buying bottled waters at a store called "ABC store." Hotels sell a bottled water for $3. Gesh.



We went to Neiman Marcus Last Call store at the Las Vegas Premium Outlet. We rode a shuttle bus to go there, since it's 45 mins away from LV strip. There were soooo many $200-$300 designer jeans there for under $150, such as SFAM, R&R, TR, Paige, and many more. Also handbags, shoes, clothes, etc.

I wasn't planning to buy anything there since everything was still too expensive for me.
But, when I saw my friend trying out a pair of True Religion jeans, I instantly fell in love with the pocket design and the cool white stitching.

I'd never bought designer jeans because of the price and also because of the pressure of keeping my weight/waist size the same. LOL
Since I reallllyyy LOVE the jeans, I called my hubby, asking him if I could buy the jeans. He said it's up to me.

At the time, there's additional 20% off deal, and ANOTHER additional 20% off if used the Neiman Marcus card, my friend had one.
So, I bought my first and possibly my last designer jeans. Who knows. LOL

The TR jeans retail price is around $250, on sale for $130.
Final total after tax is around $89.50!


Other store that we visited was Urban Outfitters. My friend bought a cool looking coat for $60 in store. It's the one that she's wearing in the first picture (UO pic). It's still pretty pricey on the website. Bah!!
I was hoping that I could find the same one there. Unfortunately, they didn't have it. Though, I found this comfy looking sweater on the corner of the clearance rack, by itself.
It's warm, it can handle 30 F weather! I love the duotone color and the high collar too!

Silent & Noice Ombree Cocoon Sweater - $19.99 (+tax)
(Orig $78)

This sweater is currently on sale for $49.99 on their website. Gesh.

Random... :-P LOL


Then, we shopped at Ruehl's. It's an upscale brand by Abercrombie & Fitch. The store was shutting down due to bankruptcy. Everything in the store was 40% off. I bought a few things from their sale/clearance section. It's SO hard finding things in that store, since it's VERY dark, and the store was like a maze. It's worse than Hollister and A&F stores.

I bought a sweater for hubby. I almost bought a couple of polos, but I decided not to because I was afraid that they wouldn't fit him. Their men clothes seemed run smaller.
For me, a tee, a long scarf, and a long shirtdress.
Total is $60.xx.

On Dec 27th, I was going to go to the Ruehl's store in my area to buy more of their clothes, but unfortunately the store was already shut down. :(


We also went to Victoria's Secret store. I had a $10 Secret Reward and a $10 Pink coupon that I had to spend soon before they expired (Dec 24th).
Since I didn't want to spend anymore money, I used both coupons to buy panties.

Left - $10.50
Right - $9.50
Total after $20 coupons - 81 cents (stupid tax)


Christmas presents !

Juicy Couture Velour Puff Sleeve Zip Hoodie

A gift from my BFF. I love the sleeves!! ❤ She knows I love poet/puffy sleeves very much haha.
I've been wearing it whole day today because it's so warm, and the velour is so soft. ❤

She also gave me a bunch of random drugstore makeup too.

My in-law bought me a sewing machine. It's what I told them when they asked me about what I wanted for Xmas. I want it to make dolls. It takes a long time sewing dolls by hand. Maybe from now on I can make my own clothes, instead of buying them. Yeah, right. LOL

Singer Simple 23-stitch Sewing Machine


A couple of things came in the mail while I was away.

Forever 21 Fifi Lapin tee - $18.90

This tee is SO cute!! It's short, about waist-length, but it's not a big deal, still look good. I❤it!

About 2 weeks ago, I bought a sterling silver puzzle ring on eBay. It took awhile to get here because it's mailed from Turkey. The ring didn't come with an instruction. So, my hubby and I looked for instructions online, and it took him almost 2 hours to put the ring back together, and it took me a bit longer. LOL

It costs about 8-9 bucks shipped. Cheap.
It's also a great gift for friends/relatives who love puzzles btw. ;-)


On Saturday, I went to Macy's with my hubby's family, to check out the after-xmas sale.
Eventhough I wasn't in the mood to shop because I'd spent a lot during my trip, I still managed to buy a couple of things. Weak!

Pictures from eBay, Zappos

Kathy Van Zeeland In The Clear Mesh Small Tote - $21.04
(Orig. $99)

I love this bag! Good size, not too big or small. It has so many pockets, outside and inside the bag. Perfect for spring/summer. Score!

I also bought a boho long skirt.
It's actually a pretty cute skirt. Crappy iPhone picture quality. Boo.

I.N.C International Concepts Tie Dye Skirt - $8.39
(Orig. $79)

I don't know why the skirt costs so much originally. It doesn't look like it's worth $79. Maybe because it's made in India and it's tie-dyed.

Ok, now I've to go on a shopping ban, seriously....


A little update on the ASOS Whitney Port-inspired headband I posted here.

I decided to sell it on eBay last week. It's cute, but it's not really my style.
I bought it for $17. It's sold on eBay for $26!!

The winner of the headband messaged me that she had been looking for this headband everywhere, she desperately wanted to have it before her trip to New York on Dec 29th, so she was willing to pay $20 Priority Express Mail. Paying that much for a headband! Wow! o_O

The headband was sold when I was still in Las Vegas. Good thing my hubby was at home. He wrapped and mailed it for me. I ❤ him much.


  1. Bunny I love your posts! I missed you so much, and trust me I swear I am like the younger version of you :D You are my shopping inspiration! :D You & your hubby are very very cute<3 Keep blogging babe :D

  2. Hi Jenny !! <3
    oooo you're the younger version of me? That's cool! XD
    Btw, save some of your money frequently. Don't be like me when I was younger, I used to have big debt cuz I couldn't control my spending ^_^"

    Happy holiday and happy new year !!

  3. haha i have been reading your blog since you started it. I got to say you always find such aewsome deals on everything! I love reading it :D

  4. How'd you find the ring on eBay, Bunny? I kinda want to get it too ^_^

    And btw, I love reading your blog! :) Hope you have an awesome New Year!

  5. Hi Tiff! I bought it from this seller: bestpuzzlerings

    Happy holiday and hope you'll have an awesome new year too! :)