Monday, December 14, 2009

One week Be4 Holiday Haul

This week,....

Received another VS package in the mail! ❤

Body by VS - Bare Ultimate Panty - FREE
Knot-Front Babydoll bra top - $4.64 shipped (Orig. $48.50. Sale $39.50)

The babydoll,
I used the 30% off code and stacked three $10 SRCs to get it down to that price.
Yeah, that's a lot of coupons for one simple top. So glad it's not disappointing. I love it!
Though the shelf-bra is annoying, hard to breathe, so I probably will mutilate it (cut the elastic band).

I still have 3 more $10 Secret Reward cards. I'm going to wait until next week. There's a rumor that the online Semi Annual Sale will be on Dec 22nd. I can use some more buff/beige/neutral-colored bras.


Last week, Bath & Body Works offered "A free tote ($20 value) with any $25 purchase and $ 3 shipping on order of $50 or more". I fell into their trap! I really liked the tote color and pattern at first sight, sooooo I bought a bunch of things to get the tote. Agh!

Foaming hand soap - 3 for $10
Shower sponge - $3

Lambie doll - $3.50

I also bought a $35 Lambie blanket, since I didn't know what else to get. I don't like their lotions, they are watery and the fragrance is too strong for me. I like Vaseline brand more. With the blanket, I could get the free tote and $3 shipping (Orig. $6.99). I live 10 mins from the store, so it's easy to return it. It's a nice vinyl tote, it has a button closure, but it's definitely not worth $20. More like $10..... or $5. It's currently on sale for $10 btw.

O yeah, one more thing. When I opened the package, there's a Victoria's Secret $10 off $25+ coupon inside! It valid from Dec 26th to Jan 10th.
I know B&BW and VS are run by the same company, but I'm still surprised that Bath & Body Works gives away VS coupons!!
VS didn't even include any coupons at all with my orders. Boo!


Next, ASOS. I bought a belt and a knit wide headband about 1.5 weeks ago. Also, I got a tote for free. It has a picture of a bulldog and a bird on top of it, really random.

Man, I wonder how many totes I got for free. I've a bunch from VS Pink, a couple from Old Navy, Sephora, DSW, Bath & Body Works, ASOS, ... I don't even carry totes. LOL

Belt - $6.80
Whitney Port Floral Headband - $17

The belt is awesome. Pretty chain design buckle, it fits as modeled. The headband, I dunno why I got it, it's not really my style, it's girlie, but I like it because it's so unique and eye-catching.

I had done some research on the headband before I bought it. It's Whitney Port inspired. It's popular in early 2009 (article). It seems it's still popular in UK. The headband comes in black, white, and pink. The black is out of stock. The white was out of stock at least twice. The white one recently is back in stock, but they have increased the price to $20.40.

See, it's quite feminine/girlie. The flower is HUGE. I'm not sure if I want to keep or sell it on eBay. Yah, hubby said I should keep it.


On Sunday, Amazon site held a one-day only deal, select outerwear was on sale for 75% off!! There were a bunch of $100-$500 value women/men designer coats and jackets. I couldn't buy anymore coats, I have too many already. :(
But, I bought a down vest, since I didn't have one. LOL
I bought it around 2 AM on Sunday. I was so glad that I didn't delay, because when I woke up later in the morning, the vest was totally sold out.

ESPRIT Quilted & Down Vest - $29.88 shipped
(Orig. $119.50)

The vest REALLY nice, good quality and warm. The hood is detachable. It has zipper, buttons, and toggles closure. The fake fur is pretty and good quality too. I pulled a small section of the fur, and it didn't shed at all.
The downside, it runs a little small. It's kinda tight around the chest area. It fits fine if I only wear a shirt or a thin sweater. It's kinda tight if I wear layers of clothes. I should have ordered one size bigger. *sigh* O well, I still LOVE this vest !!

It also comes with a tennis ball. I was confused why they included a ball. According to the instruction, it seems that it's recommended to throw the ball into the dryer with the vest. The ball will distribute the down evenly. Wow, I didn't know that. Neat!


Next, Old Navy. Last week ON had 20% off code and free shipping for $50+ purchase. I found some nice skirts. I bought some since I'm tired of wearing jeans all the time in fall/winter. I can wear the skirts w/ leggings and boots.

Two Khakis Pencil Skirts - $38 (Orig. $24.50 each)
Cotton Twill Box-Pleat Skirt - $19.99 (Orig. $29.50)
After 20% discount - $46.39 shipped

I like all of them. Good quality and versatile!! Though, I ended up returning the last skirt. It looks like a school skirt. :-x

Then, there's that pending cashback from eBates and Bing.
So after the cashback, these skirts are pretty cheap. ^__^


I bought this Martin+OSA a few days ago, when they had 25% off + free shipping deal.

Long Sleeve Cascade Ruffle Tee $18.38 shipped (Orig. $44.50)

The tee is thin and semi sheer, but bra is still not visible. So no need to wear a cami underneath to hide the bra.
I love the color. Pretty unique ruffles design. I should have ironed them first before I took the picture. O well, lazy right now. =P


So 2 weeks ago, Sephora emailed me a $20 gift card to spend. I used it to purchase Shu Uemura Skin Purifier Cleansing Beauty Oil.

Shu Uemura Skin Purifier Cleansing Beauty Oil - $52

Gucci Flora By Gucci Eau de Toilette
Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne Eau de Parfum
Nanette by Nanette Lepore Eau de Parfum
NARS Lipgloss duo (Dolce Vita + Striptease)

I purchased the 5 oz bottle ($32) when Sephora had that Friends & Family 20% sale a few months ago.
I decided to buy the 15.2 oz one with the $20 gift card for backup, since it's pretty good deal after the $20 discount (=28% off), and I'll also get cashback from Bing and eBates.

Now I have all 3 sizes, 15.2 oz, 5 oz, and 1.6 oz!
I'm set until next year. LOL

Yeah, I spent quite a fortune on this cleansing oil because it's just THAT gooooodddd. It's been great to my skin, and it washes off my makeup very effectively.


And last, I spent my last Old Navy $10 coupon, finally. I couldn't find anything I want. I'm out of stuff to buy from that store. LOL
So my hubby used it to buy a pair of khakis, for $5 !!

Men's Flannel-lined Plain-Front Pants - $5
(Orig. $35.50. Sale $15)

The fur-trim hoodie I bought last week that was on sale for $25, now it is on sale for $20 !!! I totally have to go back there and get price adjustment!


  1. That VS knot top is lovely! Did you use your SR cards to get it down to that price?

  2. Yeah, I used the 30% off code + 3 SRCs ^^

  3. You look better in the VS knot top than Alessandra! I'm jealous of the way you can fill out the VS tops! I can't believe how full your clothing log is from two months. What do you do with your older or past season clothes?

  4. ^ Ah thanks! I'm glad, because I think it looks kinda too sexy on me. The top looks more decent and proper on Alessandra. >__<

    My older/past clothes, I still wear small percentage of them. LOL Memorizing all of them, picking out clothes to wear, it's hella tough. To make my life a little bit easier, I categorized them, such as long sleeves, short sleeves, camis, dressy camis, I wear out, I wear at home, regular t-shirts, by colors, etc etc etc.

    Btw, I saw your profile. You went to Paris last year? So jealous! My parents went there for vacation a few years ago. I couldn't go because of school :(

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