Friday, December 11, 2009

I've Done Some Damage...

I received my $2.80 nail filer + free Coconut Scrub from Body shop that I bought last Monday (Cyber Monday).

So, I returned one of the scrubs that I bought a few weeks ago (Blog).
I saved $20. ☺

$2.80 shipped


I received 3 out of 4 VS orders I placed last week.

Ruffle-Front Bra Top Cami - $6.48 shipped
Orig. $38.50. Clearance $14.99.

Material is soft and stretchy. The ruffles are huge and not flat, which make me feel uncomfortable wearing it, because the ruffles are so eye-catching, which can make people indirectly stare at my chest.
O well, I can cover it a bit with a cardigan, and it's only $6.

Cotton Pointelle V-Neck Babydoll - $9.98 shipped
Orig. $48. Clearance $19.99
It's cute. I looooove the poet sleeves !! Kinda dissapointed with the color. It is not as purple as the stock photo, it's brighter in real life.

Cowlneck Sweater - $4.29 shipped
Orig. $39

Luckily, I was able to stack $30 worth Secret Reward cards for this one.
I LOVE this sweater!! The material is soft and it has a big cowlneck.

I also received a free scarf, with the purchase of the sweater above.
The scarf is very long, almost touches the floor. FYI, my height is 5'5".
Quality is so so.


I ordered these boots last Monday (Cyber Monday) from DSW.

Impo Tarra Ankle Boot - $33.71 shipped

Love them! They look so sexy! The heels are 3 inches tall, perfect height.
I love how the toes aren't too pointy and too round, just in-between.

I unexpectedly also received a canvas tote too. It's a gift with purchase I guess. It's very huge.


I bought this from Amazon 2 days ago.

Nature's Way Basic Pack - $12.89 shipped

Product Description:
The Basic Pack can be used on any part of the body and any ailment. Great for Headaches, Arthritis Migraines, Backpain, Neck pain, Tension and Stress. Used cold for Insect Bites, Bee Stings. Width: 6.5 length: 13 Use anywhere on your body, Relieves pain, All of our herbal packs are made from 100% pure flax seed and an assortment of 12 different natural herbs, These herbs provide a soothing scent that will last for years Warming and caring for your body never got so easy and felt so good! Our products provide relaxing qualities along with soothing aromatic scents made from natuers finest herbs

Sooo I bought this because I want a practical heat pack for menstrual cramp relief. I usually use Therma-Care brand, it works really effectively, instant stomach cramp relief for 8 hours. Unfortunately, it is a bit pricey, only get 3 one-time use heat-packs for $6-7. The pellets that ThermaCare use reminded me of this product. With this Basic Pack, I can reheat and reuse as many times as I want. The herbs smells really nice and comforting too.


Bought these sweaters when AE had that BOGO 50% off deal + 20% off code.

AE Mockneck Sweater - $16.98

Hubby really likes this sweater. He wore it right away, without cutting off the price tag first. I had to remind him about it. LOL

AE Cableknit V-Neck Sweater - $12.73

I have this in white, I really like it. The red is brighter than the stock photo. I was thinking to exchange it with something else, but hubby said the color looked fine.


Now stuff that I bought in-store..

Yesterday I went to Old Navy to use the $10 coupon that they mailed to me a few weeks ago. I used it to buy a $25 faux-fur trim hoodie. I love the fur trim!
I'd been wanting to get this hoodie 2 weeks ago, when they showed the Alpine collection commercial on TV (Youtube), but I didn't see it last week. It's strange that they didn't have it instock until this week.
I bought size medium, eventhough size small fits better on me, the sleeves of the size small are more fitted. I didn't get the size small because the hood wasn't big enough, it barely covered my bangs.

Old Navy - $15

My alumni bookstore had 50-75% sale this week. It's end of term sale. I didn't really find anything I like, and majority of the clothes were size L and XL. Then, this one tee caught my eyes, because of the "hottie" word LOL. I bought it for $5.xx.

My hubby bought a bunch of jerseys and zip-up jackets worth $50-$100 each for 50-75% off. Lucky him.
He also found this pom pom beanie. It's very cute and warm!
He bought it for 50 cents !! He told me his coworker offered him $5 for it. LOL
First glance it looks like an Abercrombie & Fitch brand (the moose design).


  1. I love your new layout and that is a good haul :D

  2. The cowl neck sweater looks really good