Friday, December 4, 2009

Black Friday Haul and more

I've received the JC Penney boots that I bought last black friday.

They look good in the box. Nice brown shade, love the style, and the man-made leather looks like the good quality one. I thought I scored a perfect pair of brown boots.

But, .... after I put them on, I don't like them.
The leather looks pleather-ish. I don't like the shiny finish, looks cheap.
They aren't exactly "tall" boots. They are just calves-high.
Worst part, when I tried to walk, instant pain !! It felt a little bit better after I slipped in some Dr. Scholls.
I ended up returning them today to their department store. Bummer. I guess I've to keep looking.

Then, I went to their shoes section.
My eyes caught a pair of cute buckle boots. I love the brown shade and the triple buckles. I wasn't sure if I should get them because I was looking for brown sexy tall boots with high heels. But then, I thought, with these boots, I could walk for long hours without the sore feet. LOL =P

So, original price was $110. They were on sale for $49.99.
I had a 15% off coupon, so final total would be around $42. That's not bad.
The cashier rang them up, the final total was $37.39!!
He said they were cheaper because of the morning Doorbusters deal. Yay


This week I also received the Emjoi epilator that I bought on Target site last black friday, for $14.99 shipped (Orig. $19.99).

The epilator has a lid and comes with a little brush to clean the tweezers part.

I already tried it once on my facial hair.

The tweezers grab and pull off facial hair at the roots very easily, fast and no mess. It can even grab the very very short ones (e.g: the peach fuzz).

- It only comes in one speed, SUPER fast one too. So if you have low tolerance pain, it can be VERY painful, more painful than epilating leg or armpit hair. It's more painful because face has the most delicate skin. When I tried epilating my peach hurt like a motha' !! But it worked. LOL
- Last, it doesn't come with a case, so you have to provide that on your own.

Still, it's a keeper.

Update 12/20/09:
- After I used it a couple of times more, it doesn't hurt anymore!


So on Friday, hubby and I went to Old Navy.
Old Navy mailed me 3 of $10 off any purchase coupons. Only can use one each week.

ON is currently having lots of sale, a bunch of clothes and outerwear are 30% off, and many plain shirts, tees, camis etc are only $5-$10!

The cami is $8. I wasn't in the mood for shopping, since I bought 4 tops from VS early this week.
The shirts are $10 each. Quality is pretty good, like GAP clothes.
After the $10 coupon, total is $18.

After I finished paying, hubby dropped off 3 more shirts. LOL
The long sleeve v-neck shirts are $5 each. Good deal!

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  1. Love those new boots you got instead; they definitely look comfortable.

    I cannot imagine epilating facial hair even though I use it on my arms all the time and it doesn't hurt at all. I guess you could get used to it but gah I'd rather stick to my cream.