Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This week's haul + VS messed up my order

Soooo last nightI received my VS order and a couple of other things.

I ordered a pair of Pink panty and a free Pink tote.
I opened the packaging (the white bag kind), I saw the tote, and the VS Secret Reward Card (Yay!), but I couldn't find the panty. I checked inside the bag again, I saw a weird bumpy stuff wrapped in a white paper and plastic, I opened it... .it's a Pink lip gloss ring. WTF! I don't want it!! It looks a toy that you can get from one of those vending machines.
I immediately called VS customer service, and they said they'd send me my panty the next day. I mailed the ring back today, I used the provided UPS return label. They'd better not charge me a shipping fee for sending it back!

Hmmm I wonder if the panty will come with the VS SRC too. Haha *fingers crossed*


Martin + OSA - $24.xx shipped

I usually order size small from Martin + Osa, since they run one size bigger than American Eagle.
For this tee, I ordered size medium, because I was afraid my boobs would make the leopard look deformed. LOL (^__^")
The fabric is really soft.


I also finally received my Zipia order that I placed last month through one of those Soompi surveys.

I really really love the bracelet!! It's so cool and unique !!
The bracelet is made of stiff material, so it maintains its shape when you wrap it around your wrist.

I was afraid that it'd be too small (size XS-S), like those clothes from Chinese sites, but since I really liked it, I decided just to take the risk.... .glad that I took the risk!! The sweater is very roomy. My bust size is 34D, it fits me just fine. It has the same thickness as a t-shirt. It has slanted hem, and one sleeve is longer than the other one. The top is tagless, so there's no wrong way to wear it. It doesn't matter how you want to wear it, the short sleeve on ur left, the long one you the right, or vise versa.

You can style both sleeves evenly too.

Hmm....., the leopard flats, snake-skin flats, the leopard shirt, the snake bracelet.. I really have a thing for exotic animal. O_O

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