Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Quickie at Bath & Body Works

So, I got this coupon in the mail some time last week. It valid in store on Nov. 23rd, but a soompi member was able to use it before the valid date. She said it's because the employee wasn't paying attention on the date.
I was going to try to use the coupon yesterday. I wanted to get the lambie slippers for free. I went to 2 stores, both stores didn't carry my size. They only carried medium and large size. :(
So I went to a different store today, luckily, the store had one pair of size small left! To meet the $10 requirement, I bought a reindeer doll (it's TOO cute!!), and a pair of shea socks, for $5 each.
The cashier told me that the coupon's not valid until tomorrow, but she still let me use it. Lucky!!


Reindeer doll - $5
Lounge shea socks - $5
Lambie slippers - FREE (Orig. $12.50)

Update!! (11/23/09)
They emailed me the printable version of the coupon!!

Printable coupon here


  1. (are you using the photo that i took lol?)
    glad you were able to get the lambie slippers!
    aren't they super soft?
    the socks were tempting too,
    but i'm addicted to their anti-bac soaps >_<

    if you haven't guessed by now,
    i'm poopnscoop, the girl who was able to use her coupon before the valid date lol.

  2. Hi Poopnscoop a.k.a Jen lol. Yeah it's your photo, sorry i forgot to credit you XD Yeah the lambies are soft and cute ^^

  3. You got the slippers!!! I was at Bath and Body Works on Sunday and I wanted to ask if I could use that coupon but I ended up using a different coupon instead. Now I need to make a trip back there so I can get myself a pair of the slipper too!!

    And that reindeer doll is adorable! I picked up the polar bear one instead. LOL!

  4. Thank you for posting the printable coupon! You are such a savvy shopper. :)