Saturday, November 21, 2009

I ❤ coupons!

I went to Kohls last wednesday, again, because I had a 30% off coupon that expired on that day. So I went there to see if there's anything else I wanted to buy. I bought another pair of leggings. I'm trying to wear skirts more, since I'm kinda sick of wearing jeans. Though, I barely have any skirts in my closet. I also bought a pair of slippers, since my current ones are pretty beat up.

Leggings - $6.xx
Slippers - $8.xx


Finally it's weekend! I'd been waiting for today since Victoria's Secret started that deal, "All Pink hoodies & sweatpants are $25 each!" last monday. I couldn't go on weekdays because of work.

Boyfriend hoodie (Orig. $39.50) - $15
Velour metallic hoodie (Orig. $49.50) - $15
Lacie panty cupcake - Free, with every $30+ purchase

I browsed around, most of my sizes were gone and didn't see many choices. I wish there's a Pink store in my area. But, I was really lucky that I still could get the grey sparkly velour one in my size, it's the only one left! I wish they had one in navy blue though. I couldn't find another hoodie I wanted to get. I didn't want one with pink color or one with huge "PINK" word on it. So, I bought a pair of matching velour, eventhough I didn't really like them, but I needed to reach $50 in total so that I could use the $10 off of $50 Pink purchase coupon. I also redeemed my $10 Angel Reward.

So with the coupon and the reward, the hoodie and sweatpants cost $15, each!!

Then, I drove to another VS store to see if they had hoodies I liked there. They had less choices there, but I luckily found the blue one in my size, the only one left! I saw it in the first store, but it didn't have one in my size.
So yeah, I was pretty lucky !!


Before heading back home, I dropped by Macy's. My original plan was shopping for skirts, but I guess it's a bad time to look for them. I couldn't find any skirts at all, except dressy ones for holiday parties. Then, I came across these ruffle tops. I tried one on and I ❤ how it looked on me! The ruffles look feminine and sort of hide my boobs too. LOL
So I bought it in 2 colors. I almost bought another one in white too, but I decided not to get it because I already spent too much this month. :(

The top was originally $38, Macy's was having 40-50% off on select styles.
I saved more with the 20% off Macy's coupon (Macy's card holders)

Ruffles top (orig. $38 each) - $17.xx each

after I ironed the ruffles...

I took a picture of the white one in the fitting room. Too bad, it'd look cute with a cardigan, .. ahhh !!! Now I regret it! Well, sorta. Maybe I'll get it on the day after Thanksgiving. LOL

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  1. aw man, I went to buy 2 hoodies too but my VS was all sold out of the cupcake panties. :( so sad!